Farmer May Have Caught Legendary 'Chupacabra'


COLEMAN, Texas -- A Texas farmer may have found what some would call a "chupacabra," a legendary animal known for sucking the blood out of goats.


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Reggie Lagow set a trap last week after a number of his chickens and turkeys were killed.

What he found in his trap was a mix between a hairless dog, a rat and a kangaroo.

The mystery animal has been sent to Texas Parks and Wildlife in hopes of determining what it is.

Jo Canadian
I was checking stuff not too long ago about El Chupacabras being shot in Texas on a Cryptozoology site. They're not too sure whether its a coyote with mange and a few too many recessive genes, or the real thing.

October 2004 - Earthfiles - by Linda Moulton Howe


October 14, 2004 Pollok, Texas - What are the strange, unidentified grey-blue animals that people keep seeing ? and shooting ? in Texas? Back in May this year, Elmendorf, Texas farmer, Devin McAnally, shot an animal eating mulberries that he also thought was killing his chickens. Devin was amazed that his bullets did not cause bleeding on the strange, grey body. More