Royale bid to win

I am collecting Royale Bid to Win codes (off the inside of the toilet paper roll) from specially marked packages (the EBAY logo ones). I have been collecting and have noticed that unless one is willing to buy a lifetimes worth of toilet paper, they have very little chance of winning anything at auction. So I am asking for anyone not committing themselves to this contest to be so kind as to pass along your unused codes? Thanks much.
Reverend Blair
Ya know...we once collected so many Molson caps that the rep had no choice to give us a free night of drinking beer. it was fun, he was wearing a suit so we kept tossing caps at his head. Also I opened a beer on his watch (this is pre-twist cap) and one of my friends (who still denies being gay even though Scott Thompson looks straight compared to him) was necking with the single bouncer put there to protect...well, I'm not really sure why he was neck with Rob I guess.

Anyway, the point is that I'm not reading the inside of toilet paper rolls. If I want free stuff I'll save up some caps and call up the brewery.
Hey aren't anyone who is collecting toilet paper rolls for the Royale Bid To Win also needing those codes. But guess what we all go out and purchase the toilet paper maybe you could do the same.

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