Bell Canada agent calls customer '****' in e-mail
Judith Plamondon, QMI Agency
First posted: Wednesday, February 04, 2015 03:55 PM EST
MONTREAL - A Bell Canada client who gave a mediocre service rating to a call-centre agent was called a "****" and a "bitch" in a vicious e-mail.
"It's completely outrageous," Leticia Chartier, 21, told QMI Agency.
On Jan. 23, Chartier was using Bell's chat service to ask why her television and Internet bill had increased from $72 to $105.
The employee, who Chartier identified as Mohamed Boutallaka, said a promotion had expired and suggested she contact a different department.
Chartier was about to end the conversation when the agent begged her not to give him a bad grade on an upcoming survey.
"I hadn't received poor service, but he couldn't help me either," Chartier said.
"So I said I received 'pretty good' service, but I took the trouble to specify in the comments that it wasn't the agent's fault."
A few minutes later, the student found a message in her inbox.
"You're a bitch leticia and a real ****," read the e-mail, which Chartier provided to QMI Agency.
Chartier immediately complained to Bell Canada but said the company isn't taking her seriously.
"The supervisor who I spoke to on the phone apologized, but she never called me back to follow up."
Chartier did some research on Facebook and found out Boutallaka works out of Bell's office in Morocco.
"It reassured me a bit," Chartier said. "At least I know he won't come to my place."
A Bell Canada spokesman told QMI Agency the company has opened an internal investigation and that the agent in question could be fired.
Bell customer Leticia Chartier received an e-mail from a customer agent calling her profane names. (JUDITH PLAMONDON/QMI Agency)