The bizarre world of 'Landlord and Tenant Board'

What in Hell is that? Part 1:
This is a small window on the bizarre world of the Landlord and Tenant Board "LTB" of London, Ontario. I had 2 encounters with the board; the first one was unbelievable bizarre farce and the second was a circus. I will start with the recent one because it is short and less bizarre. There will be no comments unless they are necessary, and many details will be missing to make it short. The lease was obtained by deception, fraud and pressure, the proof is written on the lease; the Ministry of Housing played a core part of this. I was not allowed to read the lease or have my copy until I sent a letter to the landlord "Terra" threatening to take legal action after the runaround from May 28 to Jul 6; that is 8 days after I moved in. Because of that, to me, the lease was INVALID. Anybody, outside London LTB, who knows anything about the law would say it was invalid contract. The lease did not meet any criteria of a valid contract except it was written on paper! Terra filed for eviction because I do not have insurance as the lease required. Before the hearing we were offered ‘mediation’ that I refused because of what happened in first encounter; and ‘consultation’ with legal resident "advisor" that I agreed to. At the hearing; across from me was Terra’s representative "rep". There were 2 women setting on the bench; the adjudicator "chair" and unidentified "woman". Usually there is only ONE person, however if there is a need for another; that person should be identified and the need/function should be declared. Especially, as I believe, if that woman was an employee of Terra. The chair declared that she had worked for Terra in the past but she did not see any conflict of interest and asking me for consent to proceed. This was done to appear as having integrity; but it failed as "appearance" was everything. The woman was never identified and there was no hint to what happens if I did not consent. So I asked "do I have a choice?" she replied that she would make arrangements for ‘someone’ to replace her. It was late about 3:00pm and considering my experience with LTB, I thought consent was least harmful. The chair asked the rep about what she wanted, the rep said that they were not looking for eviction any more but asking for filing fee, $175, and proof of insurance. I have some indications that my conversation with the advisor was listened to and was not confidential as it should have been; I hope it was just coincidence. The rep had given me and the chair a copy of the lease as evidence . I noticed that the copy had been modified. The chair asked me if I had questions for the rep. I asked the rep about the copy and whether it was a true copy of the original. The rep was wobbly and stated that she found the copy in the file and took it. I asked if she had compared it to the original; again she was wobbly; yes and no. The chair said "that is her answer … even if you do not like it". I showed the difference between the copy and the original, and proved that Terra used and still using fraud. My feeling about what the rep said was not the issue; this was not a social gathering to sing cambia. It was a matter of law and as far as I know submitting forged or falsified documents is a crime; not to mention lying while testifying. None of this fazed the chair; not one question from the chair to the rep to find out why the copy did not match the original!!! Then I realized that the law does NOT apply to the "LORDS", it applies only to the commoners who are born guilty!!! During my testimony while I was talking to the chair I saw the woman shaking her head like those bubble heads people put on dashboards. It was very distracting I had to stop and say "stop shaking your head; I do not care about your opinion …" if the woman did not like what was being said; she should have got the hell out of the room instead of turning it into a circus. The chair cutting me off continuing her questions; she held the copy pointing to the item requiring me to obtain insurance saying "I am going by this". I said it was obtained by deception and fraud therefore it was INVALID. She said "that was 4 years ago". Wow; so invalid legal documents become valid by passing of time!!! The chair said that I agreed to the lease by staying in the apartment and continuing to pay the rent. I said ‘I agreed to pay the rent but not the validity of the lease’. For 4 years I never complied with the terms in the lease. When I said "you are a lawyer… A lease is a contract …" immediately the woman leaned towards the chair and whispered. The chair, cutting me off, announced that there would be a break for 15min. The woman said "there is no time for 15min, we all will be leaving at 4". It was about 18 min to 4, so the chair said 3min only. After we came back the chair asked the rep of what her requirements; she repeated what she said before. Then the chair turned to me and said "if they win you will have to pay the $175". I have not received the decision yet; if they ever send it!!!
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tenant from hell