Why leaving Canada makes sense for Alberta, and U.S. would likely welcome a new state

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I don't think the US likes such separation of any part of Canada or the upset at its borders.
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I don't think the US likes such separation of any part of Canada or the upset at its borders.

That's not unique to the United States. No government likes to see instability on its borders, at least not if it's sane.
Curious Cdn
Bar Silly Sister is at it again - spouting TWISTED WORDS and seeking to put them in MY MOUTH! This is the common tactic of bullies and propaganda cowards!

He must be a LIE-beral.
Bar Sinister
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First time you write something that makes sense.......Bravo!!

If you find what I post makes no sense it doesn't say much for your level of understanding of most issues.
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There is a secret pixelation code in that post, and now that it has been absorbed into your optic nerves and gone straight into your brain, your dna has been selectively altered... you can tell this is true because only if that has actually occurred, will you be able to see the special script embedded in this space - otherwise this area would appear to be blank.

Here is a vision of the poisoned future that LIE-berals want to build for their grossly spoiled civil service Hog allies! Some PIGS truly are more equal than others!

Here is an article illustrating yet again just how utterly poisoned is ALL LIE-beral policy and moral value! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Bill Morneau’s French villa controversy couldn’t have come at a worse time: Editorial 21/39. Toronto Star Editorial Board.

Just when it seemed Finance Minister Bill Morneau couldn’t be any less credible a salesman of Ottawa’s proposed small-business tax reforms, CBC News revealed last week that for two years, whether through inadvertence or something worse, the finance minister effectively kept secret a holding that provides his family significant tax advantages.© Adrian Wyld

(It is amusing that LIE-beral friendly Red Star news people should refer to new LIE-beral taxes as “reform” when they are nothing but a new LIE-beral raid on already over taxed Cdns! Calling the changes ‘reform” falsely suggests some sort of improvement when it clearly is NOT! Only vote buying LIE-berals and their gravy hungry Hog allies will benefit from the changes! AS I have said before I think it is a gross conflict of interest and unacceptable!)

The revelation that Bill Morneau failed to disclose to the federal ethics watchdog one of his private corporations – a company that, in a dreadful bit of optics, owns a villa in the south of France – could not have come at a worse time for the embattled finance minister or his government’s foundering project of tax fairness.

This news surely will not soothe the incorporated professionals who are understandably confused about why they, of all possible targets, have been selected as the first front in the push for tax fairness.

Rather, it feeds the narrative being proffered by federal Conservatives that there is something hypocritical about Morneau going after doctors and farmers rather than, say, large publicly traded companies like Morneau Shepell, the human-resources firm that the minister once ran.

(Something hypocritical about Morneau and LIE-berals? There is the UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR! This French Villa crap is not a one off thing- it is STANDARD LIE-beral policy!)

(Consider the “Shawinigate” scandal and the Adscam scandal that rocked the LIE-beral Jean Chretien govt! Chretien was caught out lying about his connection to a Shawinigan Hotel owner with a criminal past- with Chretien helping to funnel govt loans to the guy- loans he had previously been turned down for by civil service Hogs because of his suspect/ criminal past! But Our Jean saved the day- got the guy his loan but Jean did NOT save any tax payer money! The hotel is struggling and the loan repayment in jeopardy at last report.)

(Chretien also handed out gobs of cash to Shawinigan area furniture makers- supposedly to buy new equipment and create jobs, market new furniture lines and and etc- and NONE of the money was used that way! ALL the money was used to subsidize shipping costs of existing products to send Quebec furniture into Ontar-owe and screw over Ontari-owe manufacturers!)

(And we can look at the vile LIE-beral Human Resources/adscam crap in which THREE BILLION DOLLARS of our tax money disappeared without a trace- although a bunch of LIE-beral bagmen were spotted around the country carrying GOBS OF CASH obtained- somewhere? But a couple of `former` LIE-beral friends went to jail! And the REALLY funny part of the adscam? When Chretien retired and LIE-beral Paul Martin took over, he assured the public the money would be found and he swore that “if any had been taken and used incorrectly- that the LIE-beral party would pay back that money- even if it was as much as one hundred thousand dollars”! Yes- three billion missing and Mr. Dithers is talking about MAYBE paying less than one percent of the LIE-beral THEFT!)

(And LIE-beral Martin does Not have clean hands himself! As finance minister under Chretien- Martin re-wrote a number of tax laws to hit Cdn corporations hard if they decided to bail out of Canada as it slid into recession. And Martin left enough loopholes in his own laws to let him move his Canada Steamship Line holdings worth hundreds of millions of dollars out of Canada WITHOUT the bother of paying any taxes- the ones lesser mortals MUST PAY!)

(And we have the fine example of more LIE-beral virtue as displayed by the Ontari-owe Wynne-bag govt! Wynne-bag is to be congratulated- its not every day that a large majority of Cdns publicly state you are running the most shamelessly corrupt govt EVER! With FIVE police investigations running simultaneously!)

(And what of Our idiot Boy Justin? That silver spoon socialist who daily escapes the fate of Pinocchio! Our idiot Boy tells all manner of fibs and yet his nose does not grow! The idiot has lied about his holiday at the private island of Aga Khan. Then lied about the cost. Then lied about lying about the cost. And now he is caught yet again and must spin a NEW web of lies about his Aga adventure!)

(Our idiot Boy seems to think that truth is detrimental to democratic govt since he employs it so seldom! He promised to “save the middle class” and hit them with new taxes and fees. Promised to “reduce small business taxes” and instead `froze` those taxes and then de-listed a whole series of business tax deductions. Promised to give cities cash to improve transit- and has only supplied a dribble of money for basic repairs. Promised a grand new overture to natives with the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Inquiry- and turned it into a flop! Promised to be environmentally sensitive- and even David Suzuki has publicly lamented the TOTAL LACK of LIE-beral action! LIE-berals talk so bravely about being more kind and gentle than other politicians and then turn around and demand that poor retail workers pay taxes on that bargain bag of hot dogs made with mystery meat and yummy chemical Nitrites and a host of not good for you preservatives- as if it is workers fault that its all they can afford after paying all their taxes! And all the time Morneau was HIDING his tax free villa! And one has to wonder what other crap LIE-berals are hiding? Even as THEIR LIST of entitlements grows ever larger and as our national debt soars!)

In an attempt to get the largely sensible package of reforms back on track, Morneau is expected to announce a number of needed tweaks on Monday. But whatever good this does will no doubt be undermined in part by stories of the minister’s undisclosed company, its villa in Provence and the inheritance tax benefits they provide. As ever with this debacle, Morneau has made his important job much harder than it needed to be.

(Largely sensible? HAHAHA!!! LIE-berals are killing off small businesses with their greed! It is small business that creates most of the jobs in Canada! It is small business that takes the most risks to create and market new products! Small biz gets the least amount of govt grants compared to major corporations who threaten to leave Canada unless they get gobs of cash from govt! Bombardier has picked up over a BILLION DOLLARS IN GRANTS and the most notable thing they have done with that cash is give their senior people some spectacular bonuses! What a bargain! Especially since Bombardier seems so busy sucking up govt money that they have missed three separate deadlines for producing desperately needed new streetcars for Toronto! With a LIE-beral judge telling angry TTC chiefs that “NO, you cannot cancel the Bombardier contract and buy streetcars someplace else- you have to stay with Bombardier”! A cynic will ask: “Is this judicial choice based on law or on a need to cover LIE-beral backsides”?)

But the implications of this revelation go beyond the fate of the current package of reforms. Whether this was an ethical lapse or a more mundane oversight, whether Morneau sought to dodge his obligations or he simply holds so many companies that he’s unable to remember them all, this story feeds the lingering sense that this government is increasingly out of touch with ordinary Canadians.

(One mistake is just that- a mistake written off to being forgetful- but a whole series of “forgetful” issues is NOT a mistake- it has become a dedicated LIE-beral way of doing business in a fashion that ordinary Cdns think is dangerously corrupt!)

As trust in government declines, so, too, does tolerance for anything that looks like entitlement or corruption. The public trust depends not only on integrity, but also on the appearance of integrity. This is particularly important at a moment when, by necessity, the government is looking to close unfair and ineffective tax loopholes and thus ask certain people to pay more. Yet the Trudeau government has been consistently careless on such matters. In the best case, Morneau’s failure to disclose is another example of this.

(Unfair tax loopholes? The ones CREATED BY LIE-berals? The `loopholes` would not need closing if LIE-berals were not quite so desperate to BUY civil service Hog votes-their only loyal supporters- according to The Fraser Institute! LIE-berals are so desperate to cling to power at any price they are willing to bankrupt the country with their efforts to satisfy ENDLESS HOG GREED! It is madness that must not continue- for the sake of future generations already burdened with huge govt debts- before they are even born!)

Perhaps, when you’ve travelled in powerful circles for much of your life, as both Morneau and the prime minister have, surrounded by players and influencers, it becomes hard to see how such lapses are perceived by people outside the bubble.

(OR perhaps they have decided they are ENTITLED to do as they please because they are “anointed” and supreme beings - as described by Professor Thomas Sowell- and can ignore the whining, petty peasants?)

Perhaps that’s also why Trudeau failed to grasp the optics of taking a government jet to the Aga Khan’s private island for a family holiday last winter. Or why the government was so slow to realize that its cash-for-access fundraisers created the damaging appearance of privileged access.

(The LIE-beral cash for access crap is nothing but a retread of the Pierre Trudope economic policy of dealing with large corporations instead of small business! Get a few corporate CEO`s in the room and you can bribe them to see things your way. But get small business owners into the room and you have a mob with frequently competing needs and desires- its much harder to herd small business owners than large corporations as the Trudope family knows! Besides, large corps are quite often unionized and that extra layer of financial influence- go along with union policy or get fired- makes for even more control of large corps! It means that union heads and CEO`s are easily herded into LIE-beral corrals against the benefit of ordinary people- but LIE-berals do not care- just so long as they cling to power!)

This insensitivity is not simply a political problem. The resurrection of old questions about Liberal entitlement is dangerous not only for the party, but also for the country. For the essential project of tax reform to succeed, and indeed for government to be a force for good, Ottawa must seem to be worthy of the public trust.

(Tax “reform” would not be such a critical priority if we had not been spent into bankruptcy by LIE-beral/Hog greed! Bankruptcy is poisonous and iut makes people crazy when the money runs out-as it HAS for Cdns!)

When, on the other hand, more and more ordinary citizens come to feel their elected officials are out of touch with their concerns, tax reform is all but doomed, democracy is corroded and, as we have been reminded in recent years, demagoguery is nourished.

As Morneau fumbles, the stakes are truly high.
Who controls the Northwest Passage? It's up for debate.
By Carolyn Beeler
September 04, 2017

The voyage tapped into long-held concerns about the US encroaching on Canadian territory in the Arctic.

“Historically, Canadians are hyperallergic to living alongside the US, a country 10 times our size,” said Derek Burney, a longtime Canadian diplomat and government official. “There’s always been a lot of tension about the borders up into the Arctic.”

“We even had planes flying over [the icebreaker], dropping Canadian flags on it, just to make a statement,” Burney said.

This dispute was such a big deal that more than a year later, in 1987, the Northwest Passage was on the agenda when US President Ronald Reagan and Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney met in Ottawa.

It was a meeting between friends. Both leaders had Irish heritage and traded Irish jokes before every meeting. That personal connection was key to solving the territorial dispute, according to Burney, who was Mulroney’s chief of staff at the time.

In a meeting between the leaders at the prime minister’s Ottawa office, Mulroney pointed to the Northwest Passage on an antique globe.

“On that globe, the Northwest Passage looked more like the St. Lawrence River,” said Burney, referencing a river that’s considerably smaller than the various routes of the Northwest Passage and clearly contained within Canada’s borders.

According to Burney, Mulroney pointed to the waterway in the distorted depiction and made his pitch: “The Prime Minister was pointing to it ... and said, ‘Now look, Ron, this goes right through the heart of Canada. It’s frozen 90 percent of the year, people live on it. So, how on earth can your Navy call this high seas?’” Burney recalls.

“And the president looked at the globe, and I can still see the quizzical look on his face, and he said, ‘Well Brian, it’s not like the map they showed me on Air Force One.’”

But Mulroney was a friend, and later that day, Reagan told him he wanted to address the territorial dispute over the Northwest Passage.

Derek Burney was assigned to negotiate for the Canadians. After months of meetings in Ottawa and Washington, he and his American counterpart had a breakthrough.

“If we were living side by side as neighbors,” Burney said, “if I wanted to cut across your lawn, you wouldn’t mind letting me do that provided I ask you up front, right? And we both agreed that was the kernel of a solution.”

Neither side changed their legal position. But in 1988, the two countries agreed that the US would always ask permission before sending icebreakers through the Northwest Passage. And the Canadians would always give it.
(PDF Document)
in a real sense the NW passage is controlled by whoever controls it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hoid View Post

in a real sense the NW passage is controlled by whoever controls it.

OH!!! It is controlled by Controllers! Wow! Hoid you said some real funny nonsense!!!!

Reality is that much of the Beaufort Sea and Greenland Strait are INTERNATIONAL WATERS! With overlapping territorial claims from Denmark, Canada, United States and Russia.

But the KEY part of the Northwest passage runs through a series of Cdn islands at the North West side of Hudson`s Bay- with the channel being less than 20 miles wide- clearly NOT national waters so Canada would be entitled to block entry of foreign vessels that do not meet Cdn safety regulations- such as oil tankers requiring double hulls to limit spills and etc.

WE would be supported in this view by Danes- assuming we can do a deal with them over their territorial demands! And we might count on Russian help -if Our idiot Boy -the budding Commie style dictator Justin sucks up to them enough!

And strange to say we MIGHT get help from China as well! About 6 years ago- China did something that Cdns have yet to do- they launched a class one icebreaker capable of travelling all the way to North Pole and back without aid!

So WHY would China- with not a yard of Arctic coastline launch such a ship? The Chinese admiral to whose fleet the icebreaker is assigned gives us a STRONG HINT: He points out that China has 20 percent of the worlds population and is ENTITLED to 20 percent of the worlds resources!

Want to bet the Chinese think to find a good supply of their "entitlements" in a certain frozen northern land?

As Canada would be at the key point of any Arctic disaster and subsequent rescue operation or cleanup we are entitled to specify what ships operate in local waters- the devil in the details being WHERE the local waters begin and end!

Of course Yankee and Russian nuclear subs routinely play hide and seek under the Arctic ice- with NO interference or restrictions from Canada- which LIMITS our influence in what goes on up there!

This IS a GOOD JUSTIFICATION for LIE-beral CHRETIEN to have bought those 4 Brit diesel electric subs- so that RCN will have the ability to more carefully monitor activity around the shrinking ice pack!

Its just too bad that Chretien screwed around so long over the deal that the subs developed a LOT of costly rot and that LIE-berals do not see our military as useful for anything so it suffers badly from wear and tear and NEGLECT!

Our idiot Boy Justin is so busy thumbing his nose at Yankees that he sees no other threats!

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