Video : Mark Crispin Miller - The Destruction Of An Independent Press

I thought that this was a pretty good video ....

The destruction of an independent press
Mark Crispin Miller, professor of media studies at New York University, discusses the destruction of the independent press in the United States.
RT - On Contact
Host Chris Hedges interviews Mark Crispin Miller
April 15, 2018
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I thought that this was a pretty good video ....

The destruction of an independent press
Mark Crispin Miller, professor of media studies at New York University, discusses the destruction of the independent press in the United States.
RT - On Contact
Host Chris Hedges interviews Mark Crispin Miller
April 15, 2018
(Flash Video)

An independent & free press is essential for maintaining a democracy.

That said, 'fake news' slanted reporting, and outright lies have always existed.

In the age of the internet & mass media the pigeons are finally coming home to roost.

CNN vs. FOX. In Canada the TorStar chain & CBC (Liberal apologists) one.

The list goes on & on.

Thus IMO much of the problems encountered by the MSM are self inflicted.

I doubt anyone knows how it will end.
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An independent & free press is essential for maintaining a democracy.

That said, 'fake news' slanted reporting, and outright lies have always existed.

In the age of the internet & mass media the pigeons are finally coming home to roost.

CNN vs. FOX. In Canada the TorStar chain & CBC (Liberal apologists) one.

The list goes on & on.

Thus IMO much of the problems encountered by the MSM are self inflicted.

I doubt anyone knows how it will end.

Gilgamesh wants to "defend" a free press? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Gil thinks a free press is one that is not paid directly by govt and which prints ONLY those bits of news approved by Imams! Just like his FALSE IDOL Justin the amazing idiot Boy!

Here is an example of the kind of crap we can expect from returning ISIS fighters and their brides. These are the wretched anti western hypocrites that Our idiot Boy Justin has told us “can be a powerful voice in Canada”! With some comments of my own in brackets):

2 British IS members say hostage beheadings were a 'mistake'

13/37. Canadian Press.

Alexanda Amon Kotey, and El Shafee Elsheikh, who were allegedly among four British jihadis who made up a brutal Islamic State cell dubbed "The Beatles," speak during an interview with The Associated Press at a security center in Kobani, Syria, Friday, March 30, 2018. The men said that their home country’s revoking of their citizenship denies them fair trial. “The Beatles” terror cell is believed to have captured, tortured and killed hostages including American, British and Japanese journalists and aid workers.

The nickname belied the cell's brutality. In 2014 and 2015, it held more than 20 Western hostages in Syria and tortured many of them. It beheaded seven American, British and Japanese journalists and aid workers and a group of Syrian soldiers, boasting of the butchery in videos released to the world.

(The two faced duplicity, hypocrisy and brutal violence of these criminals is amazing- and Our idiot Boy is dreaming if he thinks the presence of such creatures among western citizens will ever bring benefit! That they would commit disgusting atrocities and fight against us and then whine that they have lost their citizenship because of theri behaviour is loathsome in the extreme!)

Speaking to The Associated Press at a Kurdish security center, the two men, El Shafee Elsheikh and Alexanda Amon Kotey, repeatedly refused to address allegations they were part of the cell — clearly having a future trial in mind. They complained that they could "disappear" after Britain reportedly revoked their citizenship.

They were captured in January in eastern Syria by the Kurdish-led, U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces amid the collapse of IS. Their detention has set off a debate in the U.S. and Europe over how to prosecute their citizens who joined IS — as the Kurds pressure the West to take them back to relieve overcrowding in prisons.

(How unfortunate that western style respect for prisoners of war has permeated the Kurdish Forces- tis unfortunate these 2 men did not die on the battlefield!)

The two said the killings of the captives were a mistake — but for tactical reasons.

Many in IS "would have disagreed" with the killings "on the grounds that there is probably more benefit in them being political prisoners," Kotey said.

"I didn't see any benefit (in killing them). It was something that was regrettable." He also blamed Western governments for failing to negotiate, noting that some hostages were released for ransoms.

(Oh right- its our fault for refusing to buy back journalists who merely wanted to report what was happening! How could such media fools not be abused or killed? Surely Allah has sent them to Isis for good reason?)

Elsheikh said the killings were a "mistake" and might not have been justified. But, he said, they were in retaliation for killings of civilians by the U.S.-led coalition fighting IS. He said the militants shouldn't have initially threatened to kill the hostages because then they had to go ahead with it or else "your credibility may go."

(Killing journalists and other prisoners might have been a “mistake” the vicious villain states? Kidnapping for ransom might have been more useful? Just what sortb of de-programming does Our idiot Boy plan to use to defuse these vicious and unapologetic torturers? Does Our idiot Boy CARE if the de-programming is not successful and clowns like this decide to join a Canadian terror cell in striks upon Cdns or on our Yankee neighbours? This is why Our idiot Boy is struggling to put NAFTA back together- Yankees do not want to import Muslim terror along with their Cdn dairy and softwood lumber|!)

The beheadings, often carried out on camera, horrified the world soon after IS took over much of Iraq and Syria in 2014. The group also committed wide scale atrocities including massacring thousands of Iraqi troops and civilians and taking sex slaves.

(Oh yes- the sex slaves- one wonders if the infamous “Beatles” had many of those? And one should think of reports that Isis soldiers punished civilians who listened to music by jamming wooden pencils into their ears to perforate their ear drums and ensure they could never listen to music ever again! Just how many crimes do the “Beatles” have to apologize for?)

The first victim was American journalist James Foley, followed by fellow Americans Steven Sotloff and Peter Kassig, British aid workers David Haines and Alan Henning and Japanese journalists Haruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto.

Speaking to the AP on Friday, Foley's mother, Diane Foley, called on the international community and U.S. government "to have the courage to hold these men accountable in an open trial where we can face them and they can hear all the pain and suffering they've inflicted on the world. And so that the rest of the world can understand the atrocity of their crimes."

She said she opposes the death penalty for them since it feeds jihadi "desire for martyrdom and heroic afterlife."

"These men do not deserve that. They deserve to be held in solitary confinement for the rest of their lives."

(The woman has a point about martyrdom and punishment!)

The leader of the cell, Mohammed Emwazi, was dubbed "Jihadi John" in the British media after he appeared, masked, in the videos, sometimes performing the butchery. He was killed in a U.S.-led coalition drone strike in 2015 in the Syrian city of Raqqa, the de facto IS capital. Another member, Aine Lesley Davis, was arrested in Turkey and convicted there in 2017, sentenced to seven years in prison.

Elsheikh, whose family came to Britain from Sudan when he was a child, was a mechanic from White City in west London.

(Blood is thicker than water and religion is a further pull on loyalty and this is why we should NOT allow large scale immigration to Canada from Muslim countries as we cannot trust such people to side with us in a crisis! The values of Muslims are simply far to alien to our own to be assimilated easily!)

He traveled to Syria in 2012, initially joining al-Qaida's branch before moving on to IS, according to the U.S. State Department's listing of the two men for terrorism sanctions. It said he "earned a reputation for waterboarding, mock executions and crucifixions while serving as an (IS) jailer."

(And of course we will NEVER know just how many crimes such vile people really committed since most of the victims are dead along with their jailers- there is nobody left to testify!)

Kotey, who is of Ghanaian and Greek-Cypriot descent and converted to Islam in his 20s, is from London's Paddington neighborhood.

Serving in the IS cell as a guard, he "likely engaged in the group's executions and exceptionally cruel torture methods," the State Department said. It also said he was an IS recruiter who brought other Britons into the group.

(AS I have said above- there is no reason why bored Isis fighters who return to places like Canada will not return to jihad in future terror cells- in spite of the empty promices of fools like Our idiot Boy Justin! A person who has such fundamental hatred of us that he would mutilate helpless prisoners and proudly pose for cameras in pools of blood is not going to change values because Our idiot Boy says he should! Our Boy holds his own vile anti western values- just like his father and he is not to be trusted in such things as picking immigrants to Canada!)

Elsheikh and Kotey spoke to the AP at a Kurdish security building in the town of Kobani, where they were brought, initially in handcuffs and face covers that were removed. They appeared to speak openly with no signs of duress and were friendly with SDF security who came in and out of the room.

They were both initially confrontational but over the interview became more conversational. Kotey often cracked jokes — when asked whether IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was alive, he joked that some people thought Elvis never died and Tupac Shakur is still alive. Elsheikh was straightlaced and reserved, referring more often to Islamic texts.

They were unrepentant about belonging to IS — though they said they did not agree with everything it did. Kotey said he did not think suicide bombings were permissible in Islam. Elsheikh said IS's killing of a captured Jordanian pilot by burning him alive in a cage was "atrocious."

But they seemed dismissive of the idea that IS was egregious in brutality.

"I am not here to justify or shun every act IS did," Elsheikh said, arguing that nationals of a country can't be held responsible for crimes by the state.

(Oh really- the precedent of responsibility was set at Nuremburg- with Nazis!)

They scoffed at the idea that that they were a cell and refused to comment whether they had worked as jailors, had ever seen any hostages or knew Emwazi.

They depicted the allegations as created by media and foreign intelligence — "so the world can say this is the bad guy and kill the bad guy," Elsheikh said.

"No fair trial, when I am 'the Beatle' in the media. No fair trial," he added.

(OH yes- the typical weasel words- deny debate, dismiss, and then blame the other guy for making up vile LIES! And of course the Quran contains passages explaining how Muslims may LIE to infidels to protect Islam!)

They said they had been questioned repeatedly by U.S. military officials and the FBI — daily interrogations for a month, then frequent ones for weeks after.

The U.S. has been pressing for the home countries of foreign jihadis in Iraq and Syria to take their nationals for trial. Britain's defense secretary has said they should not be allowed back into the country. Former captives of the cell and families of its victims have called on Elsheikh and Kotey to be given a fair trial, whether in the United States or Britain, arguing that locking them away in a a facility like Guantanamo Bay would only fuel further radicalism.

Kurdish officials complain they are being left to deal with the IS legacy, including overburdened prisons full of militants, including foreign fighters whose home countries don't want to take them back.

Elsheikh and Kotey are held in an undisclosed location. Kotey said he shares a cell with 70 others, all but four of them Syrians, and that they are sleeping like "sardines, literally head to toe, head to toe." Despite the overcrowding, he said, they get fresh air, play games and have classes.

(That`s nice- the decadent west offers them better treatment than Isis ever offered its prisoners!)

Kotey said the U.S. and Britain were not upholding their own laws of due process. "Where are they now or are they just applicable when they suit you?" he said. "It just looks very hypocritical, double standards."

(The TRULY double standard here is LIE-beral immigration policy that wants us to pretend- on pain of being called Islamophobes- that these vicious creeps can somehow be made into good western citizens! LIE-berals demand we play along in their delusion so they can BUY VOTES and cling to power at any price!)

The two denounced as "illegal" the British government's reported decision in February to strip them of citizenship. The decision was widely reported in British media, though officials have not confirmed or denied it, citing privacy rules.

The revocation exposes them to "rendition and torture," Elsheikh said.


"When you have these two guys who don't even have any citizenship ...if we just disappear one day, where is my mom going to go and say where is my son," he said.

"I found it strange that they could actually do that, revoke the citizenship of a person," Kotey said.

"I was born in the UK," he said. "My mother was born in the UK. I have a daughter there in the UK. ... I probably never left the UK more than 3 months" before coming to Syria.

(NOT relevant for a vicious torturer serving a foul dictatorship- the civil rights are gone! Killed off by vile crimes! Live by the sword and die by it too!)

Kotey said the fairest venue for a trial may be the International Criminal Court in The Hague in the Netherlands. "That would be the logical solution."

(Logical for WHO? Holland does not want such citizens either!)

Mohammed Hassan in Kobani, Syria contributed to this report.
Hi! SpilledTheBeer

If we were to point out that the Jewish Folks have done more harm to Americans than any Arab or Muslim ever thought of doing, would that be anti-Semetic?

"It is difficult for me, even in the so-called “year of the spy,” to conceive of a greater harm to national security than that caused by the defendant [Jonathan Pollard] in view of the breadth, the critical importance to the U.S., and the high sensitivity of the information he sold to Israel."
--Caspar W. Weinberger, secretary of defense, March 03, 1987--

Or, if I pointed out that some of the worlds most successful Economic Terrorists are of Jewish origin, would that be considered racist?

Bernard L. Madoff

Israel finally ends $10 billion binary options scam – or does it?
By Alison Weir
October 26, 2017

If there is no need for Jews on Wall Street to feel called upon to explain the number of Jews involved in Economic Terrorism any more than there is for the members of any race or religion to try to explain their evildoers, why are Muslims and Arabs being asked to defend themselves against these type of complaints or charges?

I suppose I could point out that Jewish activity in the porn industry is quite inordinate considering they represent less than 2 percent of the U.S. population.
Real History and Jewish pornographers

And finally, in regards to the press, would it be improper to point out that the Jewish Folks hold an inordinate amount of power and influence (compared to their percentage of population) within the media?
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The media is largely to blame for their own demise.
Quote: Originally Posted by OpposingDigit View Post

And finally, in regards to the press, would it be improper to point out that the Jewish Folks hold an inordinate amount of power and influence (compared to their percentage of population) within the media?

Just another anti-Semite.

Seig heil, baby!
Dixie Cup
Wow, what a biased piece of work. I believe, in actual fact, it' s totally the opposite of what is being presented as a bias against "progressives". It's astounding that they can say this a straight face. The media has been totally "bought" by the left wing progressives who have continuously chastised those who are centrists or to the right who are continually put down as bigots, racists, et al.

As for El Jazeera, I believe what the senators are doing is wrong; all they need to do is ensure that people know where that media's bias is coming from; anti-Israeli everything simply because of who owns it and then people can make up their own minds. Otherwise, this video is full of misinformation and it needs to be taken with a grain of salt - more fake news.

Poor, poor progressives - yeah sure - give me a break!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dixie Cup View Post

Wow, what a biased piece of work. I believe, in actual fact, it' s totally the opposite of what is being presented as a bias against "progressives". It's astounding that they can say this a straight face. The media has been totally "bought" by the left wing progressives who have continuously chastised those who are centrists or to the right who are continually put down as bigots, racists, et al.

Fox has been bought by "the left wing progressives?" Wow. Don't tell Rupert MurdocH!
Quote: Originally Posted by Tecumsehsbones View Post

Fox has been bought by "the left wing progressives?" Wow. Don't tell Rupert MurdocH!

Well- I suppose we should offer a round of applause to that piece of propaganda about "Jewish economic terrorists"! After all it IS a little more cunning than the usual anti Semitic crap that Muslim supporters usually feed us!

And it is proof that we should NOT allow any large scale Muslim immigration to North America since their knee jerk anti Semitic beliefs will NOT be fading away any time soon!

Only a LIE-beral- desperate to buy votes and cling to power at any price- would consider Muslims to be suitable candidates for Cdn citizenship!

How can LIE-berals be comfortable PAYING good money to encourage people who hate us and all we stand for - to come here and start voting in our elections! Our feminist prime minister would be out on his ass the first time he told Muslims they must accept a cabinet made up 50/50 with men and women! Certainly his latest budget with its focus on women would be SCORNED by Muslims- and by Muslims I mean Muslim MEN because as we know- Sharia Law prohibits a woman from having an opinion or any way to express herself publicly- its the price of not being allowed out of the house without permission from hubby!
Quote: Originally Posted by Tecumsehsbones View Post


Hey T-gurly- why dont you grow a pair AND ACTUALLY try to answer the question about cop training? You know the one- its in the post below:

Here is an article damning cops with faint praise and illustrating that in some peoples eyes, cops are NEVER in the right! And it illustrates the utterly twisted value system of LIE-berals! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Charleena Lyles Needed Health Care. Instead, She Was Killed. 1/11


Photos of Charleena Lyles, who was killed by the police in Seattle on Sunday/June 17/2017 . © Ken Lambert/The Seattle Times, via Associated Press Photos of Charleena Lyles,

On Sunday morning, two Seattle police officers shot and killed Charleena Lyles in her apartment. She was pregnant, and three of her four children were home. She had called the police to report a burglary. According to the officers’ account, shortly after they arrived, Ms. Lyles, who the police knew was mentally ill, pulled a knife. Both officers shot her. Societal failure to care for mental health, which leaves the police as mental illness first responders, may well have been one deadly ingredient in this tragic encounter.

(ONE DEADLY INGREDIENT? IT’S THE ONLY DEADLY INGREDIENT! What would LIE-beral minded morons have ordered to be done differently by cops? She was robbed and so police MUST speak to her? It is not the job of cops to order psychiatric care for her! Nor is it in their power to ORDER her to take her medication before they will deal with her! And they have no power to do so anyway!)

According to her family and police records, Ms. Lyles wrestled with significant mental health issues. An audiotape reveals officers discussing her police and mental health history immediately before the shooting. Seattle Police Department officers had been called to her residence more than 20 times before this Sunday, with mental illness often figuring in those encounters. The department had placed an officer caution on her address for this reason, meaning officers should be on alert for dangerous behavior from her. Despite repeated previous mental health referrals and the involvement of Child Protective Services, she was alone with her children on Sunday, in distress and with nowhere to turn but 911.

(SO she is OFFICIALLY KNOWN to cops as potentially dangerous? Again- what are mere cops supposed to do with her other than to defend themselves if she attacks? AS she had already been robbed it is likely she was agitated even BEFORE cops got there. Cops might have waited a while to see if she cooled off a bit? Or maybe the deliberate lack of attention and service might have provoked her further? There is no answer and no easy solution other than to persuade LIE-beral minded Hogs that they must provide care even if the patient refuses!)

Ms. Lyles’s situation is not unique. People with untreated mental illnesses are disproportionately likely to attract police attention. The combination of mental illness, racial segregation and poverty is particularly likely to result in police contact, often leading to arrest.

(OH typical LIE-beral garbage! The woman was robbed and IS ENTITLED to police aid- its just too bad LIE-berals will do nothing for her and leave it to police with their hands tied to deal with a total mess! Too many mentally ill persons COULD be stable members of society IF they were compelled to take their medication- and IF they were supplied with it!)

(LIE-berals have created a mental health revolving door- patient acts up and cops are called and gets committed and stabilized and is then released. Once back out, patient often stops taking `meds` due to unpleasant side effects- or is unable to afford meds and ends up in mental trouble again- with cops coming back to deal with patient yet again. This is NOT a cop failing, it is a LIE-beral govt failing with LIE-berals being too greedy to waste money on crazy people!)

In fact, a 2006 Bureau of Justice Statistics study revealed that 24 percent of state prisoners report a history of mental illness, with other sources reporting rates in some larger facilities as high as 70 percent. But it was not always the case that mental illness would result in the cycle of catch and release that evidently plagued Ms. Lyles.

What changed over the past half-century is that the United States has seen a stunning decline in resources devoted to public mental health — during the same time the nation adopted mass incarceration. A 2009 International Association of Chiefs of Police review reported that the available hospital beds for persons suffering from mental illness dropped by 95 percent from 1955 to 2005, to 17 beds per 100,000 persons from 340. From 1985 to 2005, the nation’s incarceration rate tripled.

(AS I said- greedy LIE-berals are keeping the cash and giving mental health sufferers their right- to be set free without adequate supports in place! And LIE-berals consider it unfair to force mental health patients to receive treatment anyway- they can be crazy if they wanna be!)

The shift away from hospital treatment of mental illness was not matched by an offsetting commitment to fund the health care people needed to live on the outside. Medicaid reimbursement rates are so low that it is difficult to find providers who will accept it. As a result, many people with mental illness are functionally uninsured for their most urgent health care needs. That is, state support for mental health retreated at the same time state investment in incarceration exploded — and both with disastrous results for vulnerable communities.

The consequence of the disinvestment in public mental health has also not affected all vulnerable communities equally. African-American people are at least as likely as white people to experience mental health distress but are half as likely to receive mental health treatment. This helps to explain why it’s easy to recall other high-profile cases of police use of deadly force involving black victims with documented histories of mental illness.

To be sure, the disproportionate rate of law enforcement violence against African-Americans has a host of contributing factors, including racial bias, both implicit and explicit. There is most likely no single explanation for the tragedy that occurred when Seattle Police Department officers shot and killed Ms. Lyles. But in her case and others like it, the failure of public mental health services appears to have been one important ingredient in a mix of forces that ultimately proved deadly. Without this failure, Sunday’s encounter might never have occurred.

(OH balls! Race has NOTHING to do with two cops trapped in a crowded room and shooting an enraged crazy woman coming at them with a knife- it’s a survival issue!)

If we are to protect families in similar situations, we must extend the lens of our concern beyond police-community interactions — even in cases where the police pull the trigger. A reinvestment in public mental health resources — including hospitals and, yes, better health care coverage for vulnerable Americans struggling with mental illness — are urgent necessities.

Of course, the cure for these too frequent police-involved shootings must include serious changes within law enforcement. But we must also recommit to changing how we manage mental health if we are to reduce the chances that illness will be treated with gunshots. It is what we owe to Ms. Lyles and to the children who survive her.

(Oh there is the knife in the back for cops to enjoy and to make selfish LIE-berals feel better! LIE-berals insist that “better cop training’ will resolve this issue? HAHAHAHAHA! LIE-berals should STOP lying about cop training and START thinking about giving more cops things like Tazers so they can knock down a crazy person without filling them full of .40mm Glock pistol holes! But here in Toronto, our LIE-berals refuse to give out Tazers to cops for fear cops will “misuse them”!) So Toronto cops- and a lot of Yankee ones too- can only pull out the Glock and blaze away to protect themselves! LIE-berals are desperately seeking a way to blame others for THEIR racist attitudes and lust for power! LIE-berals are afraid to tell the public the truth for fear of being voted out!)
Dixie Cup
Quote: Originally Posted by Tecumsehsbones View Post

Fox has been bought by "the left wing progressives?" Wow. Don't tell Rupert MurdocH!

Never said anything about Fox. Didn't realize that one had to list all the media outlets because MOST people already know who the lefties are and yes, Fox isn't one of them which is nice for a change - you at least get another side of the story and can make your own determination. Seems most of the media figure that the general population can't think for themselves (and I admit there are far too many) so they have to subject us to propaganda.

So whether you like Fox or not, it's nice to have another point of view.

The media is biased!

Fox is part of the media.

The media except Fox is biased!
It's all just coup attempt propaganda, not news.

Media bias continues: 90% of Trump coverage in last three months has been negative, study says

I know I know...liebarrels hate facts...they interfere with nazicommieglobalist coup.

Study: News Coverage Of Trump More Negative Than For Other Presidents

Study: 91 percent of recent network Trump coverage has been negative

Covering up for global genocide crooks is NOT news bub{s}'s COLLUSION.

Hang man is coming...hard
...and he hates you " normal" people haters.

...and then you have the russian silicon valley operation who donated to the clintons - SKOLKOVO
LOL, you people are going to swing when NEWS of this gets out.

The Clinton Foundation, State and Kremlin Connections
Why did Hillary’s State Department urge U.S. investors to fund Russian research for military uses?
Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean it's false.
I alway back up my accusation of FAKE news with proper citations.

It ain't news I hate's the FAKES I hates[sic], because they are not.

it's like you are down in the school yard pushing baking powder for heroin.
Quote: Originally Posted by mentalfloss View Post

Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean it's false.

You just can't differetiate an opinion show and the news....
Too bad for you!
Opinion "shows" on the radio...maybe that's the problem.
Quote: Originally Posted by Danbones View Post

Opinion "shows" on the radio...maybe that's the problem.

LIE-berals DO LOVE to confuse an issue when facts cannot be slanted as they see fit!


Here is an article illustrating LIE-beral bigotry. With some comments of my own in brackets):

Wynne's right about one old, white politician who needs to go!

By Mark Bonokoski. Published: March 21, 2018. Updated: March 21, 2018 6:38 PM EDT

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ Opinion/ Columnists

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, the queen of wedge-driven Liberal Party politics, wants you to hate me, and everything about me.

She talks about the importance of young people getting out to vote, but says it with a venom-edged racist message that epitomizes all that is wrong today with the party she leads.

She talks inclusiveness, and spews divisiveness.

“If you don’t vote,” she tells these young people, “then somebody who looks like me is going to vote, some senior person, older than me, some white person. You know the reality is that that’s the demographic that’s going to get out and vote so we need you to be engaged.”

Enraged, maybe, if not engaged.

In early May, my alma mater, Ryerson University, is holding a three-day conference on “white privilege”— described as a “socio-political system that distributes power, privilege and benefits unequally … rooted in the history of European cultural denomination and the 19th century practice of ‘race science’ justifying this domination.”

This is political correctness on drugs.

(And just WHAT is at the heart of”white privilege”? Think of a white man- born in Canada and a black man born in Jamaica. Let us assume they are both equally well educated and skilled at their job- whatever it may be. Then- consider that the white man has been in the Cdn job market for 25 years- while the black guy immigrated here 5 years ago- LIE-berals want to tell us that it is racist that the new arrival does not have as much seniority as the white guy! LIE-beral affirmative action amounts to holding back some people on racial grounds- and promoting others to suit LIE-beral vote buying preferences- this is extreme bigotry! Think how the white, female graduate of a journalism school feels after finding out the media uitlet she hoped would hire her has chosen a visible minority person instead- so they “can promote alternative community voices”! NO white people need apply! LIE-berals have made it a virtue to discriminate! )

(And LIE-berals also point to non white people who were born here and who are not succeeding- yet LIE-berals do not want to talk about the social chaos that is blighting so many lives of non whites! They IGNORE the ugly truth about the number of single black mothers- and we all know- but LIE-berals do not want to admit- that any child raised by a single parent will ALWAYS have a harder time in life! The child raised by a single parent does more poorly in school, is more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol, is more likely to suffer mental illness, is more likely to have a range of social problems!)

(WE can then add to this list by referring to the massive chip on shoulder that too many blacks carry- too many people think that going to school and getting an education means selling out to white society! Around 80 percent of jobs in Canada now require some post secondary education and that makes it nearly impossible for high school drop outs to function! The latest numbers I saw say that less then 70 percent of kids now graduate from high school- this is social failure on a HUGE scale! Under this formula a LARGE number of black kids are doomed to unhappy lives and the LIE-beral habit of telling these unskilled and ill-educated kids that all their problems are caused by white racists is fabulously corrosive LIE-beral POISON!)

It’s ugly, it’s social Marxism, but this is the toxic genie Kathleen Wynne has set loose so that her government, the most politically corrupt government Ontario has ever witnessed, can somehow live another day.

(LIE-beral policy is now twisted so utterly beyond redemption and so utterly opposed by main stream society that the schemers think that disgraceful hypocrisy and anti white rhetoric backed up by with Human Rights Kangaroo Courts to bully and silence any public voice critical of any LIE-beral policy is the only route left open to them! LIE-beral hypocrisy and desperation have reached such a sordid point that they are activating a creeping political coup to limit our democracy- making it a Hate Crime to be critical of LIE-beral bigotry- using their Islamophobia garbage!)

The same government that soon plans to run an $8-billion deficit in an election year so it can address problems it has ignored for years, such as the appalling lack of mental health care, or hospital funding cuts that have resulted in people literally dying while waiting for a hospital beds.

(And of course- being LIE-berals they have LIED to us as usual and the deficit is more like $12 billion than the $6 billion they are admitting! And their accounting rules are so sleazy the deficit may be even bigger even than the $12 billion that independent auditors state- especially if Our idiot Boy manages to kill NAFTA and persuade Yankees to close the border to Cdn trade!)

Which makes one wonder if perhaps Wynne isn’t partially correct in her advice to the younger generation.

If young people should be encouraged to vote, lest some aging white grandmother like Wynne, or worse — a crusty, oldish white male like myself clog up the voting booth, then why on earth should any of them actually vote for Wynne?

Has she let the kids know her government has saddled them with a $312 billion and growing debt over the past 15 years? That Ontario is the most-indebted government in the world not running an entire country? That she’s doubled the credit card debt they will have to repay, and that the current $11.6 billion in interest payments already rob government’s ability to spend on needed programs.

Ah, well. Best not to get overly exercised one supposes. The consequences of unrelenting mismanagement, political corruption, broken and run-down public services the youth of today are inheriting from the Liberals are their problem, not mine.

No one wants to hear a “woe is me” narrative coming from an old white guy, of course. If you came from a blue-collar family of seven, as I did, and had to work two jobs to pay your way through college because there was no other way, this is not a story worth telling.

Except that is exactly what too many young people now face in Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario ― a future with a $15-an-hour minimum wage job, if you’re lucky, and dim prospects for a prosperous future.

(It is a disturbing trend that way too many people now look to govt for solutions to everything- and it is helpful, kindly And fair LIE-beral/socialist govt with its desperate lust for power at any price that CREATED the problems in the first place!)

Business investment in Ontario has plummeted under the Liberals and the province has seen sluggish, even stagnant economic growth for much of the past decade.

(Generally speaking- nobody likes their boss but LIE-berals have gone out of their way to demonize corporations to such an extent that a lot of people now take it for granted that biz owners are cheats and liars! The idea that a prosperous business owner will hand out steady jobs, raises in pay and perks of office to USEFUL WORKERS is a quaint antique notion LOST on a generation of wage and tax slaves! In the current grossly indebted province of ours- everything- and especially LIE-berals- is now DISPOSABLE! WE are crippled by debt and burdened by insane LIE-beral political leaders who are convinced that just so long as THEY get the gravy then the world is functioning as it should and NO CHANGES are needed!)

And now, desperate to cling to power, Wynne resorts to saddling future generations with debt to buy votes, and shameful race baiting and ageism to divide young and old.

When you find it necessary to demonize white people, especially the elderly, and stir up identity politics, you have no place as a leader, let alone a premier.

Back in the fall, Kathleen Wynne’s approval rate was at a rock-bottom 12% and a recent poll suggested 81% of Ontarians want the Liberals retired.

If the premier takes her own advice, she’ll get the hell out of the way.

(It has been suggested that Doug Ford enjoys the support of a lot of young people
and pollsters consider this odd. I suggest it is REALITY! AS Winston Churchill pointed out: “at age 16 a person of conscience will be a socialist but at age 26 the person with experience will be a capitalist”! I say there is nothing better than spending a few years struggling to pay down a massive student loan to persuade young people that LIE-beral debt IS A BAD THING!)
Mein Kempf 101:

Take away freedom of the press - especially if they say mean things about you.

LOL, Yes...the "MAIN" enemies of Germany (the Western banker created bolsheviks in Russia) were doing that long before hitler, as were the british in the colonies world wide.

The CIA in the US just bought the TV stations. ALSO, in Canada and britain you have state television. The fascist corporations and criminal cartels control most of the western radio, for example, clear channel (bain Capitol) which is associated with Israel's Mossad,own(ed)s the majority of radio stations in the US.

Is this Mitt’s shameful secret: Bain is a Mossad asset?

Orit Gadiesh who—like Netanyahu, implicated in a smuggling ring stealing America’s nuclear weaponry—has deep connections with Mossad and military intelligence.

Here is your fascist, CIA criminal cartel associated, lying, TAX FREE BEZOS again:

Find out the truth behind the latest attack on Infowars

It's only a free press if you own it.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Danbones View Post

LOL, Yes...the "MAIN" enemies of Germany (the Western banker created bolsheviks in Russia) were doing that long before hitler, as were the british in the colonies world wide.

The CIA in the US just bought the TV stations. ALSO, in Canada and britain you have state television. The fascist corporations and criminal cartels control most of the western radio, for example, clear channel (bain Capitol) which is associated with Israel's Mossad,own(ed)s the majority of radio stations in the US.

Is this Mitt’s shameful secret: Bain is a Mossad asset?

Orit Gadiesh who—like Netanyahu, implicated in a smuggling ring stealing America’s nuclear weaponry—has deep connections with Mossad and military intelligence.

Here is your fascist, CIA criminal cartel associated, lying, TAX FREE BEZOS again:

Find out the truth behind the latest attack on Infowars

It's only a free press if you own it.

Oh those DARNED JEWS! They are everywhere and spying on everybody! |They know all and see all - so why don't they just slap down you Jew haters? Just take away your internet privileges so you cannot "expose" them any more?

Oh right- the Jewish failure to display such power messes up your madly distorted world view! The Jews must be up to something! But poor, paranoid, Muslim haters of all things western are not smart enough to figure out what!


Spewing crude anti western and anti Semitic propaganda will NOT garner support for Palestine nor will it gather votes for Cdn LIE-berals whose policies are FAILING in every way!

The ONLY people trying to take over the world are SOCIALISTS! One has only to read about the London School of Economics!

Some people have asked why it matters that former prime minister Pierre Trudope and his two sons-Sacha/the film maker currently getting chummy with Mad Mullahs in Iran and Justin/our current prime minister doing his level best to bankrupt the country with insane deficits, were and are hard core socialists? After all, Canada is a democracy and Justin Trudope-that nasty Boy is only one man in the LIE-beral party.

The answer comes in several parts. Firstly, Our Boy with nice hair-for Brains is a hard core socialist-in a world were such a system is in disgrace- he is dedicated to a system that is a TOTAL failure and has put hundreds of millions of people into fear and misery as selfish socialist politicians try and FAIL to command their economies and societies to work exactly as THEY desire and they routinely jail and torture anybody who disagrees with govt orders. Socialists WANT the world ordered in a certain fashion without considering the strengths and weaknesses of the real world; this is why the Soviet Union collapsed and why Red China now has a stock market and bankers! This is why Hilary Clinton supporters will not stop protesting a lost election-their view of the world does not permit such things so we must all be wrong and they right-no matter what.

Socialism is a failure operated by mis-guided fools who think they have all the answers. And ego driven socialists EXPECT to be IN CHARGE at all times no matter how many failures are laid at their meddling, quarrelsome feet! And Our Boy wants to implement that system HERE-at ANY price! One has only to look at the Pierre Trudope National Energy policy that produced over ten percent unemployment in Alberta in a matter of months and prompted Westerners to produce those “let the Eastern Bastard’s freeze in the dark bumper stickers”!

Or the fiscal mess of the crown corporation Petro-Canada that could not produce a profit even though Trudope govt gave them FREE access to oil fields! Or Urban Transport Development Corporation-another Our Pet era crown corporation that sucked up billions in tax dollars in a failed effort to build buses and subway cars that govt would wish to buy! In each of these cases socialists implemented policy and created crown corporations for IDEOLOGY rather than from logic and tax payers paid the price!

Only 2 countries now practice that sort of command economy-first is the half staved Cuban dictatorship-and without the hard currency supplied by tourism Cubans WOULD starve! Those who would defend Castro CLAIM that Cuba was economically hobbled by United States refusal to trade with Cuba-but this is a garbage excuse-Cubans had all the rest of South America and the rest of the world for that matter- to trade with but you cannot trade if you produce nothing anybody wants! What Cuban excuse makers mean when they blame United States is that Yankees refused to be suckers and let Cubans leech off them!

The second socialist `paradise` is Venezuela which is kept from complete collapse by its oil revenues-yes-Venezuela is a charter member of OPEC! Even Red China has long ago yielded to common sense and adopted capitalist economic principles-but not Venezuela!

Our Boy-prime minister refuses to support a pipe line to eastern Canada from Alberta because he would rather see Trudope hating Alberta starve while he arranges oil sales to eastern Canada from his socialist fellow travelers in Venezuela! Our Boy CLAIMS he wants to shut down Alberta tar sands for the good of the environment but he has NOTHING to say about the California La Brea tar sands! A true socialist cares nothing about a hypocritic stance! And yet Our Boy has no problem arranging a natural gas pipeline to the west coast so that LIE-beral friendly prairie provinces CAN export their gas! The environment is ONLY important when LIE-beral votes are on the line!

AS a hard core socialist Our Boy believes all the problems of the world are caused by capitalists and `imperialists`. Our Boy was taught by his father Our Pet that the British war against Nazi Germany was British `imperialism`!

Our Pet unwisely stated-early on in his career-before he became a politician-that IF he did become prime minister he would then “take Canada from the past into the future via the route of radical socialism”! In his book ` Two Innocents in Red China`, Our Pet heaps praise on Chairman Mao for his `genius` in executing THIRTY MILLION CHINESE who Mao suspected of harbouring anti socialist sentiments! With a father like this-is it any wonder that Our Brainless Boy cares nothing for the economic mayhem he is causing with those insane deficits? If Canada should collapse into bankruptcy- it will not concern Our Boy as it will only be anti socialist types who don’t like him that get hurt!

And what of the Muslim threat? Our Boy has gone on record stating “honour killing and female genital mutilation should not be referred to as barbaric practices”! So WHAT WOULD Our stupid Boy consider `barbaric`? And Boy is preparing to RETURN Cdn citizenship to a CONVICTED TERRORIST-the guy had immigrated to Canada and gained citizenship but then was stripped of it after committing various crimes and he was part of the Toronto 18 who planned to blow up the stock exchange and attack parliament with grenades and automatic weapons! What does this clown contribute to Cdn society except fear and future threats that we may not be lucky enough to head off in future?

And yet Our Boy is so determined to heap scorn on Cdn `imperialism` that he is willing to welcome such a terrorist as a citizen! Just how far is Our Boy willing to go to damage those parts of Cdn society that he HATES?

And Trudope brother Sacha spends his time making anti western propaganda with Iranian tv producers approved of by the Ayatollahs! Sacha also went to the trouble to publish a gag inducing homage to his long time pal-the bloody handed Cuban dictator Castro. How Toronto Red Star newspaper editors could publish such nonsense with a straight face is a mystery! Though it certainly is NEWS that the brother of our prime minister is so fond of a vile dictator who would destroy ALL Cdn rights and privileges if he could!

When NATO chiefs gather to discuss communal security issues such as Isis and Putin, there is no surprise that our LIE-BERAL DEFENSE MINISTER is not invited! Our Boy and the entire Trudope family and its allies are motived by a DANGEROUS ideology-they want Western `Imperialists` injured!

Our Brainless Boy is not alone in his vindictive stance against those who do not support him. When Dalton McGinty won his second term as premier of Ontari-owe he openly mused “that it was now time for the govt to start picking economic winners and losers in Ontari-owe”! For the good of the province of course-except socialists and LIE-berals BELIEVE THEY ARE the province! And the rest of us are trespassers that socialists tolerate if we keep silent and don’t make trouble!

We know who LIE-berals have chosen as `winners` in Ontari-owe-people at OPG, ORNGE, E-health, MARS, Metrolinx; along with ANY civil service union that will show unwavering support for LIE-berals!

And the rest of us? WE LOST! We get frozen wages, reduced work hours, shrinking tips and lost commissions, soaring electric bills and mad schemes to force most of us out of cars and onto already over burdened public transit while civil service Hogs bankrupt the province with their mad entitlements and burn the environment with their huge carbon foot prints! The worst of it is LIE-berals plan to ensure they KEEP Hog support by offering them huge incentives to buy and use electric cars-without any shred of evidence that electric cars are any better for environment than gas cars!

The worst of it is that the price of Lithium-the main ingredient in modern batteries is soaring as demand grows. And as more Lithium is produced -the plume of hugely toxic byproducts expands ever faster. The LIE-beral plan to replace gasoline with Lithium is simply replacing one form of poison with another-WHILE DESTROYING our economy and letting LIE-berals gorge on new taxes!

LIE-berals are just getting warmed up with this socialist madness. The more frustrated we ordinary people become, the more ENRAGED Socialists get. They view any disagreement as a personal attack. Socialists ALWAYS seek ways to stifle dissent-for the good of society-their version of it anyway!

LIE-berals see nothing wrong with converting a Thunder Bay area coal fired generating station to burn `bio-mass`. They SAY its better for the environment to burn bio-mass rather than coal but do not produce any numbers to back this up-especially when the bio-mass MUST currently be shipped in from Europe bringing a HUGE carbon footprint with it-and the electricity produced by bio-mass happens to be TWENTY-FIVE TIMES MORE COSTLY than other forms of generation. And LIE-berals do not wish to make it public knowledge that in switching to the false benefits of bio-mass they also saved the high paying jobs of SIXTY good union/LIE-beral supporting HOGS! LIE-berals can bankrupt us with their concerns but will use OUR money to save union jobs-at ANY price!

LIE-berals have told us that green energy-solar and wind power will be good for economy and environment and BOTH statements are WRONG! Green energy costs anything up to NINE TIMES MORE than regular generation! Further, green energy is so unreliable that natural gas generating plants MUST be kept fully fueled and fully fired up-ALL DAY, EVERY DAY-ready to take over at a moments notice when the sun does not shine or the wind does not blow.

We could have aided the economy by canning that mouldy green energy and just letting the gas plants run-they are already all fired up anyway! And we could have aided the environment by killing off that LARGE carbon foot print that was produced along with the steel and concrete that went into producing those stupid `green` machines!

AS I have said, socialists take it as a personal attack if ANYBODY disagrees with them! THEY HAVE DECIDED that wind power is `good` for us-meaning they and their pals will profit but they don’t want those wind mill eye sores blocking their cottage views and crapping on THEIR property values so they have stuck them out in the farm country where there are less people to offend and country people DON’T vote LIE-beral anyway so its no loss to LIE-berals!

Some wise person once suggested that “a LIE-beral is a person who will give away everything that he does not own”!

And Brit prime minster Thatcher observed that “the trouble with socialists is that sooner or later they run out of other peoples money”!

Our Brainless Boy and his idiot brother are neck deep in this anti Canada crap-and they have a large and GREEDY Hog following. Our Boy is motivated by power and shameless ego and the Hogs are powered by MASSIVE greed and endless entitlements -even if they ruin the country!

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