Hackers Sieze Control of Jeep and Crash it

Hackers have managed to take control of a car and crash it into a ditch while sitting on their sofa about 15 kilometres away.
In the first such breach of its kind, security experts caused the engine to cut out and applied the brakes on a Jeep Cherokee, sending it into a spin.

The U.S. hackers said they used just a laptop and cellphone to access the vehicle’s on-board systems via its wireless Internet connection. They claim that more than 470,000 cars made by Fiat Chrysler could be at risk.

The hack was revealed by security researchers Charlie Miller, a former staffer at the National Security Agency, and Chris Valasek. They worked with Andy Greenberg, a writer with tech website Wired.com, who was driving the Jeep on public roads in St. Louis.

In a demonstration for The Washington Post, Miller had to start the car the old-fashioned way, with his Jeep key fob. But once it was running, he found the vehicle’s Internet address and, while sitting in his office and typing on a MacBook Pro, hacked in through the dashboard information and entertainment system.

Hackers seize control of Jeep, then crash it, using a laptop and cellphone about 15 km away | National Post
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Try that with 67 Mustang Fast Back you creeps
I wonder if anyone from bell, rogers, and Microsoft, etc. own jeeps?
I'm glad they did. Fiat Chrysler has already made an update to close the security hole. Better someone like these 2 than an actual black hatter that doesn't give a shyte about the consequences of his actions.
Why even make things like this public it only inspires the crazies
We have one of those Cherokees. It doesn't surprise me that this could happen. I'm still getting used to bringing my Jeep in for things like transmission software updates.

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