Omar Khadr returned to the news again this week, after lawyers in Utah announced their intention to seek a default judgment in a lawsuit filed against Canada’s most famous terrorist. As a result, it appears that Khadr will soon be ordered to pay his victims a substantial amount in damages.

Rather ironically, however, over the past several years, a number of commentators have suggested that Khadr is the real victim of the piece and ought to be eligible for a large payment from the Canadian government as a result of alleged breaches of his Charter rights.

Khadr has, in fact, commenced a $60 million lawsuit against the Crown seeking compensation for its failure to protect him while in custody at Guantánamo Bay. Given that the Supreme Court of Canada has twice chastised the government for its failures in respect of the Khadr case, the pundits seem to be unanimous in their opinion that Khadr is going to receive a substantial payout. Thus, Maclean’s magazine opines that “it’s hard to imagine a scenario that does not end with Khadr cashing a cheque.”


Opinion: Canadians seem likely to have to pay for Omar Khadr’s crimes