Moscow police dig out over 200 undocumented migrants

Moscow police have detained over 200 undocumented foreigners who lived and worked in an underground city made to keep them off the radar of city and federal officials - with a cafe, movie theater, casino and chicken coop.

When police raided the 'city' hidden beneath a market in the capital, they discovered a vast garment complex with 122 sewing machines.

While the workers -181 Vietnamese and 88 Central Asians - were sewing brand-name clothes around the clock, people above ground had no clue what was happening just under their feet. From outside, the underground tailor shops looked like a normal transport garage.

There was also time for entertainment in the hidden city. Police found one room designed to be a Turkish café, with an oven and brazier. There was also a movie theater with 35 seats and a poker room.


Underground city: Moscow police dig out over 200 undocumented migrants (VIDEO) ? RT News
Getting down in Moscow.

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