Scott Moe is Saskatchewan's New Premier.

Cabinet ministers' presence at yellow vest rallies sends 'wrong message' to Sask. immigrants: NDP leader

NDP in Sask. doing their best to twist the wrong message from the protests
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Brad Wall ain't the leader any Moe
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Sask. government wants prior consent to access rural land in Trespass Act changes

Natives are on the wrong side of the law on this one. All the BS about traditional hunting rights is just that - BS. They have absolutely no right whatsoever to trespass on private land. Cameron is proving to be little more than a mouth-piece for radical native activists and his inflammatory remarks about violence and death in the wake of this bill are yet another example of someone not in control of their emotions and their mouth. This is the same guy that PM pretty socks had to reprimand when meeting with natives in Sask.

Glad to hear that Premier Moe stood up to the natives and for the rights of rural citizens - long past time someone did so.
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Natives are on the wrong side of the law on this one.

Interesting. Usually you're the first to point out that not all natives think the same way.
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Interesting. Usually you're the first to point out that not all natives think the same way.

You are right, my lack of modifiers, though unintentional, never-the-less tarred all with the same brush. My bad.
Sask. premier 'not concerned' with cabinet ministers attending yellow vest rallies


Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says he has no issue with his cabinet ministers attending yellow vest rallies.
Last month, Minister of Highways Lori Carr attended a rally in Estevan, while Minister of Rural and Remote Health Greg Ottenbreit was at a rally in Yorkton.
NDP Leader Ryan Meili said their presence sent the "wrong message" to immigrants in Saskatchewan because people in the yellow vest movement in Canada have promoted an anti-immigration message at rallies and online.
Moe said the protesters at the rallies are concerned about the province's natural resource sector and federal government policies, including Bill C-69 and the carbon tax.
"I'm not concerned with them attending events with their constituents representing their concerns. Understanding that we may not agree with everything that the yellow vests are putting forward and most notably with respect to immigration," Moe said Monday.
People who attended a recent yellow vest rally in Regina said they were protesting against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the carbon tax and Canada's plan to endorse the United Nations migration pact — which outlines objectives for treating global migrants humanely and efficiently.
"We have over 100,000 people that moved into this province over the course of the last decade, looking for more into the future, to ensure that we can continue to grow as a vibrant multicultural province."
"Our immigration record is strong here in Saskatchewan. It's one that we're proud of, and it's one that we'll continue to work on into the future," Moe said.
Moe and other government members, including Meili, attended a pro-pipeline rally earlier this month in Regina.
The event, organized by Canada Action and Rally 4 Resources, was held to show support for the country's resource sector, including everything from oil and gas to mining and potash.
Organizers requested no one come wearing yellow vests.