Casey Kasem Dead at 82

A broadcasting icon. His AT40s from 1970 -- 1988 are legendary. RIP
yeah I saw this on FB...may he rest in peace
RIP, Scooby.
WOW!! RIP Casey...

Casey Kasem as Shaggy - MDA Telethon Plea - YouTube

Personally, I am starting to feel older and older with the deaths of these idols...

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RIP, Scooby.

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This passing ranks up there with the passing of Wolfman Jack several years ago
The talent pool in the world is getting smaller with the great ones leaving from all
fields of entertainment
RIP Casey you touched the world with memories
I always looked forward to his radio shows every week. He was a great presenter. Years later he became a spokesman for Americans of Middle Eastern origin who were subjected to stereotypes and other forms of public distrust. Great guy, indeed.
I hope he keeps his feet on the ground and keeps reaching for the stars wherever he goes.
I'll miss ol Shaggy.


I'll remember you every time they play your countdown on Sirius
No one else is going to say it?

Okay then.

"Ruh roh."

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I'll miss ol Shaggy.


I'll remember you every time they play your countdown on Sirius

24 hour marathon on SXM 7 now.
Not to be rude, but I didn't even know he was still alive. I haven't heard boo from him or about him in years.
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Not to be rude, but I didn't even know he was still alive. I haven't heard boo from him or about him in years.

You missed the legal drama a couple weeks ago?

His last countdown was in 2009. He stopped doing AT40 in 1988.
his wife sure looks well endowed - after the fortune he left her I bet that endowment is even better, now
bill barilko
Never heard of him and I spent a lot of time listening to the radio.
Top 40 deejay Casey Kasem dead at 82
First posted: Sunday, June 15, 2014 10:39 AM EDT | Updated: Sunday, June 15, 2014 12:38 PM EDT
WASHINGTON - Casey Kasem, the U.S. radio personality who counted down pop music hits on his popular weekly radio show and also lent his distinctive voice to hippie sleuth Shaggy in the "Scooby Doo" cartoons, died on Sunday. He was 82.
"Early this Father's Day morning, our dad Casey Kasem passed away surrounded by family and friends," his daughter, Kerri Kasem, said in a statement posted online. "Even though we know he is in a better place and no longer suffering, we are heartbroken."
Kasem, whose final years were marked by dementia, had been the focus of a dispute between his three children from his first marriage and his second wife, Jean Kasem, who they said had prevented them from visiting as he suffered from Lewy body dementia, a malady with symptoms similar to Parkinson's disease.
As his health deteriorated, a Los Angeles judge sided with the adult children and permitted them to withhold food, hydration and his usual medication as they choose comfort-oriented, end-of-life care at a Washington state hospital.
"Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars," Kasem, a Detroit-born Lebanese-American, told millions of listeners at the end of his invariably cheery weekly radio program, which ran from 1970 to 2009.
On his syndicated show, Kasem counted down the 40 most popular songs of the week in order, finishing with the No. 1 song. Before each song, Kasem told an upbeat anecdote about the singer's road to success and read letters from listeners.
Listen to Kasem's last show below.
At its peak, Kasem's show was heard on more than 1,000 stations in about 50 countries. "I accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. That is the timeless thing," Kasem told the New York Times in 1990.
There was an immediate outpouring on Twitter from both fans and celebrities: "We've lost a music industry icon. Chngd the industry w/AT40 Cntdwn. RIP Casey Kasem," said singer and actress Marie Osmond.
Motley Crue base player Nikki Sixx said, "RIP Casey Kasem who inspired all of us in radio & turned millions of people onto music. Sending love to Kerri Kasem, family and friends."
Kasem was famed for his unmistakable tenor voice - also heard on thousands of commercials and television announcements.
"It's a natural quality of huskiness in the midrange of my voice that I call 'garbage,'" he told the Times. "It's not a clear-toned announcer's voice. It's more like the voice of the guy next door."
For four decades starting in 1969, he provided the voice of Shaggy - the perpetually hungry, easily frightened, mystery-solving human pal of a Great Dane in the TV cartoon series "Scooby Doo, Where Are You!" and its various other incarnations.
"Zoinks! C'mon, Scoob!" Kasem's Shaggy would exclaim as a mummy, zombie, snow beast or swamp monster would chase him, Scooby and fellow youthful sleuths Fred, Velma and Daphne.
He was born in Detroit as Kemal Amin Kasem on April 27, 1932, the son of a Lebanese Druze grocer. He gained broadcast experience covering sports for his high school's radio club.
The diminutive Kasem - 5 feet, 6 1/2 inches tall (1.68 meters) - was drafted to serve in the U.S. military in 1952 and was sent to the Korean War, working as a disc jockey on U.S. armed forces radio.
In 1970, along with childhood friend Don Bustany, Kasem came up with the idea of a radio show counting down the top pop hits of the week based on the earlier successful "Your Hit Parade" program. His show debuted on July 4, 1970, as "American Top 40".
Kasem had three children with his first wife, Linda Myers, before divorcing in 1979. Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson officiated when he married his second wife, actress Jean Kasem, in 1980. They had one child. (Additional reporting by Victoria Cavaliere in New York; Writing by Scott Malone; Editing by Robin Pomeroy and Stephen Powell)
Top 40 deejay Casey Kasem dead at 82 | Celebrities | Entertainment | Toronto Sun
Mea culpa. I always think of Scooby when I meant Shaggy.
A spokesman for Casey Kasem's daughter says the famous radio host's unburied body remains at a funeral home in Tacoma, Washington, a month after his death.

Danny Deraney, publicist for Kerri Kasem, says Kasem's children from his first marriage hope he will be buried at Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, California, as he wished.

Kasem died June 15 at a hospital in Washington state. Deraney says the celebrity's second wife, Jean Kasem, has the rights to his body but has not yet arranged for him to be buried.

Hospital spokesman Scott Thompson with St. Anthony Hospital says Kasem's wife collected his remains from the hospital after he died, but Thompson did not know what arrangements she made.

A call to Jean Kasem's attorney was not immediately returned Tuesday.

Daughter's rep: Casey Kasem's body still unburied | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News
god....fighting over a corpse...sad
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god....fighting over a corpse...sad

Actually, not entirely unusual when different parties are contesting conflicting wills. I understand that Kasem's children and his widow are contesting who gets the majority of his estate (he may have left two different wills). This is likely why this problem over his body exists.
Casey Kasem's body was flown from the funeral home in Tacoma, Washington to a funeral home in Montreal, Canada on July 14, two days before a judge ordered Casey's widow Jean Kasem to keep the body in Tacoma for an autopsy.

But mysteriously, Casey's body never arrived.

A representative for Kerri Kasem, Casey's daughter, has confirmed that her father's body is missing.

MailOnline has learned that Casey's body was put on a plane by staff at the Gaffney Funeral Home in Tacoma on July 14 and shipped to Urgel Bourgie Funeral Homes in Montreal. But staff at the Canadian funeral parlor say they have no record for any arrangements for the arrival of Kasem's body under his name, his birth name Kemal Amen Kasem or his wife Jean's name.


Casey Kasem's body was put on a plane and flown from Tacoma to Montreal before it mysteriously went 'MISSING,' after his daughter asked for an autopsy | Mail Online
He's on the move again..........well, maybe............

His widow, Cheers actress Jean Kasem, who retains the legal rights over his remains, recently submitted an official written request to the government of Norway asking that her late husband be buried in the capital of Oslo, NBC News reported on Friday. Amid a longtime family feud, the location of the radio icon and Scooby-Doo star's body has not been revealed publicly since he died at age 82 on June 15.

She is quoted as saying in her letter that Casey "always said that Norway symbolizes peace and looks like heaven" and that she "would like to respectfully fulfill his wishes."

"My heritage on my mother's side is Norwegian and I plan to move to Norway by the end of this year," she added. "Therefore, I would also like to be near my husband's resting place so my daughter and I could visit him often."

Oslo's Managing Director of Funeral Service Wenche Elizabeth Madsen Eriksson told NBC News that permission to bury Casey in Oslo has been granted, adding that "as far as I know, he is not in Norway yet."

Danny Deraney, a rep for Casey's children from a previous marriage, including daughter Kerri Kasem, told E! News exclusively that the family still doesn't know the whereabouts of their father's body and has hired a private investigator.

"We don't know if he's in Norway or if he is in Montreal," Deraney told E! News, adding, "I don't think Casey has ever been to Norway. I do know that Casey wanted to buried at Forest Lawn in Glendale [near Los Angeles] and not in in Norway."

Jean and her stepchildren had feuded for years and disagreed over the handling of the radio legend's care prior to his death. He had suffered from Lewy body dementia and during his final days, his wife moved him from a California nursing home to a private residence in Washington.

A judge later appointed Kerri to be Casey's temporary conservator and allowed her to implement end-of-life measures for her dad.

Casey Kasem, Who Died 2 Months Ago, May Be Buried in Norway—Find Out Why | E! Online
Poor guy can't even RIP when he is dead.
Casey Kasem's children ask judge for custody of his remains — currently ‘rotting’ in Norway

Casey Kasem's Body -- Rotting in Norway |
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Casey Kasem's children ask judge for custody of his remains — currently ‘rotting’ in Norway

Casey Kasem's Body -- Rotting in Norway |

Dude he's dead already, like this thread should be..

Maybe sexy here can put a hole in the thread with her pistola.

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Casey Kasem's children ask judge for custody of his remains — currently ‘rotting’ in Norway

Casey Kasem's Body -- Rotting in Norway |

Wow. Is that fight over a bag of bones still going. Some peoples kids are priceless.
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Dude he's dead already, like this thread should be..

Maybe sexy here can put a hole in the thread with her pistola.

He's dead but the story isn't. Matter of fact it's not the fact that he's dead so much but how the morons around him are acting.

I personally couldn't listen to him but the story goes on........

It's the end of what turned into an international power struggle between Casey's wife, Jean, and his children.

We've learned the famed DJ was buried last Tuesday at the Vestre Gravlund, one of the largest cemeteries in Norway. We're told there was a small ceremony ... we don't know if Jean was there but we're told his kids were not. Casey's children didn't know he was even buried until Monday.

The burial is legally significant. The LAPD has been conducting an elder abuse investigation after Casey's kids filed a police report claiming Jean caused Casey to get a fatal infection during a wild, multi-state car ride.

The body has been rotting away for months -- for a long period of time it wasn't even embalmed. The decay and now the burial in a foreign land will make it virtually impossible for L.A. authorities to make a solid determination on whether the bed sores contributed to Casey's death.

Read more: Casey Kasem -- Buried in Norway ... FINALLY |
Casey Kasem's widow Jean Kasem sued for wrongful death

Three of the radio personality Casey Kasem's children and his brother sued his widow on Wednesday, claiming her actions led to his death in 2014.

The wrongful death lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court accuses Jean Kasem of elder abuse and inflicting emotional distress on Kasem's children from a previous marriage by restricting access to their father before his death.

Prosecutors earlier this year declined to charge Jean Kasem with elder abuse, a decision that Kerri Kasem said Wednesday led to her family filing the civil case.

"We would rather see her in jail than receive one dime," Kerri Kasem said. "We don't care about the money. We care about justice."

The 28-page lawsuit gives a detailed account of Kasem's final days, including the extent of his ailments and the family infighting swirling around him.

Kerri Kasem and her attorneys, Troy Martin and Steve Shuman, said that in addition to trying to hold Jean Kasem accountable, they hope their lawsuit raises awareness about elder abuse.

Casey Kasem's widow Jean Kasem sued for wrongful death | Newsday
lol You got me again, Tay. I did not see the date of the thread at first.

Anyways, i did not know he died. I hope this gets settled soon, though. Lawyers tend to be the only ones that benefit in litigation.
Curious Cdn
Now that's what I call "necro" posting!

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