The Johnny Bright Incident

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Today is the anniversary of a rather sad day in US sports, but one that probably marked one more step in the attempt to achieve equality for racial minorities in the USA. It is known as the "Johnny Bright Incident" and concerns the deliberate injuring of Canadian Football Hall of Famer Johnny Bright during his college career. I find it interesting that during his career this event was never mentioned or at least rarely mentioned as I just discovered it today.

Bright's career in Canada was so brilliant that I suspect that it probably sent a message to American football fans and broadcasters as to what they were losing due to their racist policies.

Here is a link to the incident.
Johnny Bright Incident - encyclopedia article about Johnny Bright Incident.

And another in case this link expires.
Johnny Bright Incident - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Very significant in college sports. Please also note the following from that link:

''The event had much in common with the death of African American football player Jack Trice from Iowa State University thirty years earlier.''

Here in Minnesota, where they like to pretend that racism never existed and is and forevermore will be only a figment in some people's imaginations, this is something that is always hushed up.

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