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Diamond Sun
So, I'm curious, how many forums are you guys on right now? Or is this it? DId you dump a different forum to join us here, or do you play table tennis back and forth, balancing your act, and remember who you are, where you are, and when?

I ask, because I technically belong to three forums, post one this one, and lurk on the I'm just curious if I'm the norm, or what. Plus I'm bored, and couldn't think of a better question.
Haggis McBagpipe
God, now that you mention it, I am on far too many forums... although this is the only one I post to.

I belong to one local forum but never post there (it isn't a very interesting place). I used to belong to another local forum that was probably the most anal-retentive place I've ever been, in real life or cyber.

I belonged to the Atlantic Monthly Post & Riposte (was a 'charter member' of that venerable and excellent forum), but no more, since they have decided to charge for it. Don't know if they ever followed through on that plan, but I won't pay to post.

Oh, and I belong to a Mac forum, but only go there when I have computer troubles. Hmm, and a (this is funny) laundry forum (well, it is a garden forum with a laundry section) that I belong to in order to troubleshoot my Euro-style washer/dryer combo. I've never actually posted there, I just read up on the troubleshooting stuff. By George that's about it, I think, as well it should be, for heaven's sake.
Rick van Opbergen
I used to be on the forum of, but that one seems to have disappeared (wasn't there for a while, when I returned it was gone ... ); I was also a very active member on the forum of, but I was banned for no reason (and when I say "no reason", it IS no reason!) ... and now I'm here!
i was banned from a right wing militant forum that i used to frequent. i did a google search for "canadian forum" and found this.

oh, and i frequent a bridge forum.
Yes but still can hang around with nasty piriates
i don't know any nasty pirates
Diamond Sun
Ooh, I've been banned from a forum too, for basically no reason. Okay, maybe not NO reason, but no justifiable reason. Apparently making fun of one forum on another forum is "justifiable" reason to ban a member of the first forum. Without warning.

Whatever, it's more fun here.
I belong to 4 forums. One I just lurk around, it's called the Black Hole, and for good reason, it is a very nasty place but a place I think that is needed. One of the forums is pretty much dead. But I'm bevvyd everywhere I go.

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