Pastor charged in wife's murder

Toronto pastor charged in wife's murder

A Toronto pastor has been charged in the drowning death of his pregnant wife.

Police were called to a home on Marsh Road, in the St. Clair Avenue East and Kennedy Road area last October following reports of a woman in distress.

Emergency officials found Anna Karissa Grandine in "medical distress." She later died in hospital.

Philip Grandine, 25, has been charged with first-degree murder.

One neighbour told CityNews she is in shock.

"I was here the night she died. I happened to be out, I saw the police cars and I came out and he was devastated. He was in shock. I remember he said to me you know we're expecting a baby. He's a lovely guy, she was a lovely girl. They were crazy about each other," she said.

Grandine was arrested Tuesday and appeared in court Wednesday to face a first-degree murder charge.

Toronto pastor charged in wife's murder - 680News (external - login to view)
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if he murdered his wife, he's a real pastored.
Quote: Originally Posted by spaminatorView Post

if he murdered his wife, he's a real pastored.

You're on a roll today.
Anybody get transcripts to his sermons leading up to the tragic event and after?
I can't even imagine being in the same building let alone seeking 'morality advice' from him ot the ones that taught him how to handle stressful situations. Does this point to the father being somebody else if this is a crime of 'spur of the moment' but then the charge would be different. The charge he faces is where you plot and carry out the murders (plural in this instance) so emotional stress is eliminated from the list of 'excuses'.
That certainly wasn't very Christian of him now, was it?

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