Obama's lawyer farks up his argument to the Supreme Court

against Arizona's immigration law so badly--even Justice Sotomayor isn't buying it (external - login to view)

The Supreme Court appears likely to side with Arizona over a key part of its controversial anti-illegal immigration law, rejecting the Obama administrationís claim that the state overreached its authority by requiring local police to check the immigration status of people suspected of being in the country illegally.
However, during oral arguments Wednesday, the courtís liberal justices and some of its conservatives expressed concern that holding people who have been arrested until a check of their immigration status is complete could violate their rights by prolonging their detention.

Read more: Arizona immigration law: Supreme Court Justices appear likely to uphold key parts - POLITICO.com (external - login to view)
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What I thought was interesting was a Democrat Congressman said it was up to the Federal Govt. to enforce Federal Laws and not state authorities...

... and then the Federal Govt. says it is unable to enforce federal laws.
The Old Medic
There was absolutely nothing TO defend. Their entire case was not based on legal arguments, it was based on the upcoming election. The administration chose to attack those laws (they are also challenging similar laws in several other states) so that they could cement the "Hispanic Vote".

The basic law will most likely be upheld, and that will be another "Black Eye" for the Obama Administration.
And they did send their "Best and Brightest" too. What does this tell us?

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