Anti-vaccine movement endangers West Coast

Dexter Sinister
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plenty of EM to bind the universe together but fails to realize you can't have the by-product called EM without the E.

EM isn't a by-product, it's the whole deal, there's no E without M or M without E, they're manifestations of the same phenomenon. EM is in fact the first, and so far the only, unified field theory, unified largely by James Clerk Maxwell in 1873. And that's fundamentally what's wrong with DB's electric sun model, it's powered by a gigantic E without generating any detectable M to match it, which is simply not possible.
Anti-vaxxer teacher fighting for his career | MANDEL | Toronto & GTA | News | To
Anti-vaxxers are too stupid to be around our children.
You know guys, this would be the perfect problem for libertarians to solve, said no one ever.
What "problem"

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