Climate change predicted to transform Vancouver into San Diego, but at a heavy cost

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Lenny De Crappio: Thinks chinooks are proof of global warming.
Lenny De Crappio: Apparently thinks his private jet runs on renewable, green energy.
Lenny De Crappio: Rented one of the world's largest gas-guzzling yachts for the World Cup in Brazil.
Lenny De Crappio: Keeps increasing his carbon footprint buy having new houses built for himself.
Lenny De Crappio: One seriously hypocritical douche bag.

I just love the way idiots like Flossie worship these false prophets of the environment.

He probably pays a premium for the services he uses so he is paying his way in a non existent fraud created by the UN and various dubious entities make a lot of money while the poorest pick up the bill.
How many trillion did the cold war cost and not a shot fired in anger? Then it moves right onto something else that just happens to cost the same people the same amount and oddly enough the ones getting rich just happens to be the same crowd, . . once again.
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already have that.

I see you don't know anything about food either.
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I see you don't know anything about food either.

Taco del Mar is food?
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I see you don't know anything about food either.

you don't see anything...cause you miserable
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I'm digging myself out of a rare beginning of March snowstorm in the Fraser Valley. It's been a cold and snowy winter, and they seem to be getting more severe since i arrived here a decade ago.

When will people realize that the AGW fraud has absolutely NOTHING to do with Climate. It's a political and philosophical agenda without an iota of scientific merit.

It is completely immune to fact, evidence. It has become something that must be accepted on Faith Alone. Radical Environmentalism has become a despotic religion whose arch enemy is the human pestilence.

When will you realize that climate change means more bizarre weather - exactly as predicted?
Weather has always been bizarre.
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