Flying Car - PAL-V

It really works. All I can say is, 'You're late'. I was supposed to have one of these years ago. According to futurists from my childhood.

PAL-V Flying Car - Maiden Flight - YouTube

It would be cool if they had anti gravity cars.
The flying club in town had one of these a couple years ago.......

Flying lawnmower - YouTube

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It would be cool if they had anti gravity cars.

Ya, shouldn't be long now we'll find out Einstein and Hawking are both wrong. Then we'll either be home free or totally screwed.
Hard to believe he could get enough lift out of that to fly without wings.The lawnmower that is,not the gyrocar.
Dexter Sinister
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It really works.

Just what we need. Most people don't have a good enough sense of vectors to drive decently in two dimensions, throw the third dimension into their perceptions and they'll be dropping onto houses, getting tangled in power lines, crashing in midair, flying into buildings... There's a reason why it's a lot of work to qualify as a pilot, even for just a small, single-engined aircraft. It's because most people can't do it safely.
Yeah, the 50's all over again; "a car that can fly". Funny, they never did design a "airplane that could drive", or a car that could drive for that matter. Sure, I can drive a car, I can fly a car. How hard can it be? Try flying something that was designed primarliy to fly and see how you do first. Whatever. I'll just continue to read the accident reports, "cause of death - stupidity".

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