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Let's Talk, Quebec !

What can be done to come to resolution?

The French avoid speaking English, the English avoid speaking French and both accommodate the other.

What role do emotions play when negotiating conflict?

How does your conflict style escalate the conflict?

What are the commonalities among French and English?

Your insights and comments are very appreciated!

Thank you very much for participating!

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Our team thanks everyone, including our professor, Ron Thiessen, for contributing to the success of our final group project. We will remain as moderators, Discutons Ensemble, Quebec / Let's talk, Quebec !
Notre equipe tient a remercier tout le monde, incluant notre professeur, Ron Thiessen, pour faire notre project de groupe final un succes. Nous restons comme moderateurs, Discutons Ensemble, Quebec / Let's Talk Quebec !
Quote: Originally Posted by lone wolfView Post

I know some people who speak Klingon, Romulan and Pig Latin too. Which one have you heard before?

I've heard of each, have heard some of each on TV long ago, but know none of them. But I would guess that, except for Pig Latin which would be even more difficult to learn than English since it is English with added rules, Klingon and Romulan are probably much easier to learn since they would have been devised with busy actors in mind.

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Very funny everyone... you may want to check out a unique anglo perspective on how easy things are for the english in quebec in comparison to the rest of the francophones in canada at facebook discutons ensemble /let's talk quebec or snaek peek at Kathleen Wynne apologizes formally for 1912 ban on French in schools - Toronto - CBC News.

It's interesting to note that Ontario has reversed the prohibition on French schools but not German schools. The two founding races and all that jazz I suppose.

Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnnyView Post

I heard she did apologized for something that happened 100 years ago. Also I'm from Northern Ontario and no one is Restricting the use of the French Language.

If it's no problem then why the stupid bill 101? Restricting someone the use of an official language sounds counter intuitive to the point your making?

To say the English have it better in Quebec than the French have it in Ontario is kind of silly because there are no police cracking down on the use of the French Language when advertising for example.

We can't presume that all French Quebecers agree with Bill 101.
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