Péladeau apologizes for immigration remarks

During a debate the night before, Péladeau said immigration was hurting the province’s ability to achieve sovereignty.

Péladeau issued an apology on his Facebook page.

"My apologies. I would like to apologize for the unfortunate comments I made yesterday about demographics and immigration. This phrase was inappropriate and does not reflect my beliefs," the post read.

"If I went into politics, it was to make Quebec a country that will continue to be generous to all citizens, whatever their origins."

After the leaders' debate Wednesday night, reporters hammered Péladeau with questions about his remarks during a brief scrum.

"What is unfortunately not strong enough is the way that we welcome people that have decided to come here in Quebec. I completely enjoy the diversity that people who decide to come here to Quebec bring," Péladeau said.

Asked about comparisons between his remarks and former Quebec premier Jacques Parizeau’s infamous blaming of "money and the ethnic" vote for the province's 1995 sovereignty referendum result, Péladeau only said, "There’s no relation at all."

When asked if he would apologize or if he regretted the comments, Péladeau brushed past reporters and headed into a caucus meeting.

The perceived front-runner in the contest to lead the separatist provincial party made the comments Wednesday evening in a PQ leadership debate at Laval University in Quebec City.

"We don’t have 25 years ahead of us to achieve it. With demographics, with immigration, we’re definitely losing one riding each year," Péladeau told a room of 350 people.

He said the PQ could be in danger of disappearing if immigrants continue to come to the province in great numbers.


Pierre Karl Péladeau apologizes for immigration remarks - Montreal - CBC News
Days before his expected coronation as Parti Québécois leader, Pierre Karl Péladeau, under fire recently for his notorious temper, defended himself as passionate and driven to succeed.

At Saturday’s rally, Péladeau described himself as hardworking and focussed on success, whether in his business or his political quest to achieve Quebec independence.

“In life, I am a passionate person and I decided to be the same person in politics,” Péladeau said.

“You can’t succeed without work and a lot of effort,” he added, quoting his father, the late media mogul Pierre Péladeau.

Péladeau’s campaign slogan, “Réussir” (succeed) and a photo of his determined face dominated a large screen in the theatre festooned with blue and white fleur-de-lys flags. There were many grey heads among the crowd, which did not entirely fill the hall.


Pierre Karl Péladeau rallies followers, defends character | Montreal Gazette (external - login to view)
Probably do better if he doubled down.
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The country would do much better if he and his ilk dissapeared

Interesting comparison to more recent immigration threads.

Might Trudeau be looking at immigration as a tool to promote national unity?
"We don’t have 25 years ahead of us to achieve it."

That's comforting to know.

"He said the PQ could be in danger of disappearing if immigrants continue to come to the province in great numbers."

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