Inquest into Winnipeg police shooting of indigenous man set for November

Inquest into Winnipeg police shooting of indigenous man set for November
By Dean Pritchard, Winnipeg Sun
First posted: Monday, August 15, 2016 03:25 PM EDT | Updated: Monday, August 15, 2016 07:44 PM EDT
A long-delayed inquest examining the fatal police shooting of a Winnipeg aboriginal man has been adjourned until November after interviews with five witnesses uncovered discrepancies with their original police statements.
Craig McDougall, 26, was shot at his home in August 2008 after police responded to a report of an altercation. Police said McDougall had a knife in his hand and had refused repeated orders to drop it.
But McDougall’s relatives said he was carrying only a cellphone and was talking with his girlfriend, who heard four shots fired. Police later said they recovered a knife at the scene, but did not provide any further details as an investigation was launched.
Inquest counsel David Gray told court Monday interviews with three of the witnesses last week revealed “somewhat altering accounts,” while a fourth witness provided an account that was “significantly less compelling and intricate” than previously provided to police.
The remaining witness “while not directly contradicted by her statement ... certainly went against everything that would seem to be implied by the statement,” Gray said.
Inquests are fact finding exercises and are not intended to assign blame. The McDougall inquest has been given a broader mandate to look at whether systemic racism played a role in his death.
Lawyer Corey Shefman, who is representing McDougall’s father Brian McDougall at the inquest, said he was satisfied the hearing could not proceed as planned, given the new statements
“My client is obviously very disappointed that we aren’t proceeding ... but we’re convinced that it needs to be done right, not just soon,” Shefman said. “We’re convinced that by waiting until November we will be able to do it the right way.”
Shefman said he has filed a complaint with the provincial ombudsmen over the government’s refusal to provide legal funding to the McDougall family in a case where, Shefman argues, the interests of the Crown are clearly at odds with the interests of the victim.
“This is the clearest example possible of where the Crown is not able to represent the family’s interest,” Shefman said.
“Families that become the subjects of inquests are almost always more vulnerable, they don’t have the means others in our community may have,” Shefman said. “Who has $100,000 lying around to pay a lawyer at a inquest? These aren’t small proceedings.”
The inquest will resume Nov. 7 and continue off and on until Dec. 16.— With Canadian Press files
An inquest into the death of Craig McDougall has been called by the province's chief medical examiner. (File photo)

Inquest into Winnipeg police shooting of indigenous man set for November | Canad
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Why don't these people clean up their community?

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