Forwarded E-Mails........

We all get those forwarded emails that have probably been around the world several times without anyone checking their veracity..
Here's one... try to guess if true or not before opening the link....

Thought you might enjoy this interesting prayer given in Kansas at the opening session of their
Senate. It seems prayer still upsets some people…When Minister Joe Wright was asked to open the
new session of the Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the usual generalities, but this is what they
heard: Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask Your forgiveness and to seek your Direction
and Guidance.

We knowYour Word says, Woe to those Who call evil good,’ but that is exactly what we Have done.

We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed Our values.

We have exploited the poor and called it The lottery.

We have rewarded laziness and called it Welfare.

We have killed our unborn and called it Choice.

We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable.

We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building Self-esteem.

We have abused power and called it Politics.

We have coveted our neighbors' possessions and called it Ambition.

We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it Freedom of expression.

We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it Enlightenments.

Search us,Oh, God, and know our hearts Today; cleanse us from every sin and set us free. Amen!

The response was immediate. A number of legislators walked out during the prayer in protest. In 6
short weeks, Central Christian Church, where Rev. Wright is Pastor logged more than 5,000 phone
calls with only 47 of those calls responding negatively. The church is now receiving international
requests for copies of this prayer from India, Africa and Korea.
With the Lord’s help, may the prayer sweep over our nation and wholeheartedly become our desire so
that we again can be called ‘one nation under God.'

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Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you. I got your contact from the International web site directory. I prayed over it and selected your name among other names due to it's esteeming nature and the recommendations given to me as a reputable and trust worthy person I can do business with and by the recommendations I must not hesitate to confide in you for this simple and sincere business.

I am Wumi Abdul; the only Daughter of late Mr and Mrs George Abdul. My father was a very wealthy cocoa merchant in Abidjan,the economic capital of Ivory Coast before he was poisoned to death by his business associates on one of their outing to discus on a business deal. When my mother died on the 21st October 1984, my father took me and my younger brother HASSAN special because we are motherless. Before the death of my father on 30th June 2002 in a private hospital here in Abidjan. He secretly called me on his bedside and told me that he has a sum of $12.500.000 (Twelve Million, five hundred thousand dollars) left in a suspense account in a local Bank here in Abidjan, that he used my name as his first Daughter for the next of kin in deposit of the fund.

He also explained to me that it was because of this wealth and some huge amount of money his business associates supposed to balance his from the deal they had that he was poisoned by his business associates, that I should seek for a God fearing foreign partner in a country of my choice where I will transfer this money and use it for investment purpose, (such as real estate management). Sir, we are honourably seeking your assistance in the following ways.

1) To provide a Bank account where this money would be transferred to.

2) To serve as the guardian of this since I am a girl of 26 years.

Moreover Sir, we are willing to offer you 15% of the sum as compensation for effort input after the successful transfer of this fund to your designate account overseas. please feel free to contact ,me via this email address

Anticipating to hear from you soon.
Thanks and God Bless.
Best regards.
Miss Wumi Abdul

With windows live mail you can also block email by country....encoding list...
Everything is blocked on mine that doesn't come from Canada or the U.S.

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