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An interesting read on Bill 57, "An Act to amend the Expropriations Act and the Human Rights Code with respect to land rights and responsibilities".

I do believe the motion failed because of the Liberal's unwillingness to pass it but what I found to be rather interesting was Mr. Gilles Bisson's (Timmins-James Bay) (NDP) position on the issue....if any party was to not support such a motion I would suspect the NDP would be it but to my suprise he said this.....


This is an interesting bill, I must say. I had a bit of an opportunity to read it in some detail prior to today, but I had a chance to refresh my memory about five minutes ago. I just want to say up front that I will be supporting this particular bill. New Democrats all believe that people have a need for property rights. But I want to talk about it from a bit of a different perspective.
First of all, what the member is trying to get at is the whole issue of expropriation. I think it's fair to say that at times, with the power of the government, what you're paid for expropriation may not necessarily be the actual worth of the property. We need some mechanisms to make sure that there is a process by which, if it is to be expropriated, it's done at least in a fair manner. I think that's reasonable.
I know a lot of people will look at this as a right-wing issue, and that is what I want to speak to. Some people will look at this and say this is traditionally a position that the right wing of the political spectrum will take, but I think this is an issue that both left and right can agree on, and that is that in a free and democratic society, we have the right to purchase property, and then, when we have that property, we should have some rights to enjoy it. I want to speak a little on where I think we are deficient in this society when it comes to being able to enjoy that property.
For example, I...

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I don't agree with every aspect of his commentary but nevertheless an interesting position and they gave the bill their support.

Please read the entire debate at the link provided.