The Barrie Concerts

This was hands down the best music I've ever seen on television and I'd like to give thanx to CTV for disrupting their entire schedule and broadcasting the Canadian segments in their entirety. With the exception of Motley Crue,every artist did a fantastic job.
Reverend Blair
I dunno Missile...the singer for Deep Purple seems to have lost the ability to hit those high notes too. Still, the little interview with them at the end of their set was the most coherent Deep Purple interview I've heard to date.
The diff is I still like Deep Purple The Crue always sucked! Oh,and I didn't watch Brian Adams on principle. only watched 10 hours of the show..wish I had seen REM
Reverend Blair
I like Deep Purple too. That's why I noticed the voice thing. I have a theory about Motley Crue...I don't think the crowd knew who they were.
The show was so good,I didn't mind Tom Green or Ben Mulroney..another first for me![perhaps,I'm getting more tolerant as I age]
I missed Deep Purple. Which singer were they using? I seem to remember that throughout the Mark versions of the band they have had ~4-5 singers.
And Vince Neil really shit the bed on the Crew's opener, was it 'Kickstart My Heart' ? He didn't sing most of the words and the ones he did sing didn't make sense. The rest of the Crew's set he was much much better though.
Probably,Ian Gillian. I didn't see that segment,either.But,Gillian is the last known vocalist listed for Deep Purple.
No Stompin Tom. Need I say more?
I haven't watched the coverage yet, I was there. I thought Deep Purple rocked, and the songs they played certainly had the crowd dancing(at least where we were).

Motley Crue were well...the crue :P

Celine part I thought they could have done without, if you can't show up in person, you don't deserve to be given any time.

my favourite was Neil, he never disappoints.
I enjoyed hearing the audience boo when she appeared onscreen..I just hit the "mute" button on the remote

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