Flag feud between Palestinian and Jewish students in Oshawa

And they call it a diversity event, bahhahahaha.
Alt-Left Bigots at it again!
lone wolf
suggest adjustment to direction finder. May make map-reading easier
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Alt-Left Bigots at it again!

Flossy's Corner at it again!
Yes indeed... the alt-left liberals are still full of intolerance and bigotry.
Sorry Fagro, tha that that's...margarine.
I won't snowflake!
I guess it is not the end after all.
Poor babies, they're lost, they think their in the Middle East, brain fart perhaps!!
Iran Jewish MP raps Israeli PM’s ‘nonsensical’ rant

The Iranian lawmaker representing the country’s Jews has slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rants against the Islamic Republic, saying he is “a bloodsucking” criminal who has a hand in the massacre of innocents and the occupation of Palestinian lands.

“The Israeli premier has sunken in the quagmire of crime, and has never played any role beyond poisoning the [international mental] atmosphere, massacring innocent children and women, and tyrannically occupying the lands of Palestinian people,” said the Jewish legislator Siamak Moreh Sedgh.

The parliamentarian, who also directs the Tehran Jewish Committee, an umbrella group of Jewish organizations that represent Iran-based Persian Jews, called the Israeli official “a tyrant,” who would manipulate religious values to enable carnage and occupation, and who had chosen racism as his ideology.

“A person of such characteristics could never function as the spokesperson for a religion, whose most essential motto is ‘love your own kind as you love yourself.’”
PressTV-Iran Jewish MP raps Bibi (external - login to view)
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