PK Subban's Christmas Carol Challenge

If you didn't already love P.K. (Denzel) Subban, his new country wide challenge will warm even the coldest of hearts.

What does P.K. want Canada to do for Christmas? Spread some smiles.

"I had this idea, let’s create the world’s biggest, largest Christmas carol and cheer up sick kids across the nation," Subban said in a video he posted to social media.

"Record yourselves singing Jingle Bells and share your video using the hashtag #CanadaCarols."

The social media hashtag has already been used by thousands of Canadians from Bonavista, to Vancouver Island.

Partnered with Air Canada, Subban is encouraging everyone who sings for a smile to make a donation to the Children's Miracle Network.

A special collection of videos will be shown at children's hospitals across the country December 23.

P.K. Subban issues cheerful challenge to all Canadians | CTV Montreal News (external - login to view)

That was yesterday, today he is back with the kids in a Winter Wonderland.

P.K. Subban spreads holiday cheer at Montreal Children's Hospital | CTV Montreal News (external - login to view)
If only Jingle Bells were a carol. The song has dick to do with Christmas.
Despite his reputation as a bad guy on the ice, Subban reportedly has donated $10 million to charities. If those reports are true, this is truly remarkable.

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