I have couple of Sham Wows if that is any help.

I feel for ya. We are just seeing the waters start to drop here but have plenty of roads that won't be passable til September.
Bigger isn't always better.
Dozing down trees to make room for more methane venting cattle with little to no regard for the outstanding service which trees provide, doesn't help when overland flooding comes home to roost.

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When you live on the prairies and are doing foolish things like farming and raising animals, unfortunately you have little choice but to live where the plains may flood. The alternative is to find the one hill away from water for your home/farm, and live there, and not raise food for the world.

Factory food is a bad idea. If in stead of huge megacities, we had small towns that for the most part grew their own food, we wouldn't have to cut huge swaths of forest for farming and ranching. We had it right before and we're still moving away from that.

Feed yourself and let the world do the same.
You should visit Sask sometimes... for the most part, that's what you're talking about. But, farmers still tend to need water, thus still tend to live along rivers and grazing plains for their cattle. So rather than mocking and implying they had it coming when **** befalls them, you'd think someone might dust off their humanity and bit and sympathize.
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Geez ... we only have beavers now....

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And a long hose....that's what she said!

A long hose man is good to find....

Actually, if you have a basement, get a snorkel pump. The night you need it is the night you want it...

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