Obama going to make urgent TV statement any minute.

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Get a brain dickhead...I am not there fighting and I am doing everything I legitimately can to prevent further Canadaian involvement and end our present involvement. So in a way I am involved, but involved in trying to end it which is highly different from supporting it. Once again you show how little intelligence you posess by thinking that because a few politicians send Canadian troops to fight all the people of the country are responsible and involved. The majority of Canadians were against sending massive forces to Afghanistan, threatened to overthrow the government if it enetered Iraq, and was against our involvement in Lybia. Just because you lost the ability to think doesn't me we Canadians did too.

Threaten to overthrow the government! Don't make me laugh. People like you overthrowing the government? lmao

You HAVE massive forces in Afghanistan and not only are you involved in Libya, there is a Canadian General and his Staff calling ALL THE SHOTS.

Shoes on the other foot now huh?

Own it. Suck it up buddy.
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You uncultured barbarian!

I gotta be me
Just the Facts
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9/11 didn't happen because we refused to convert to Islam.

lol actually it kinda did.

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