Obama Birth Place Debate...

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This paragraph made me pause:

So, that guy is claiming that the original, from 1961, was a computer generated hard copy?

In 1961, in Hawaii, they would be using a computer for registering births?

Punch cards and 1" tape inputs maybe?
Of course, a staunch Republican viewed the certificate a few years ago, and verified it, but that makes no never mind to those who need to find a conspiracy.
Presidential candidate Obama could never have gotten on the ballot in the first place if he did not produce proof of where he was born. The whole discussion is ridiculous, but picking on him is always fun.
I, myself, have no doubt that Obama IS American. I never questioned his birth place. I question his character, intentions, politics and ambitions. And, most of all, his qualifications when he was elected, but not surprisingly, he seems to be growing into his job.

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