Korean War means important to all korean people. Most of Koreans think, "if allies didn't join Korean war, we won't be live now." 6.25 (Korean war broke out this day) is one of the anniversary days and Korean government have held many events related this war.

Last weekend, the british commonwealth (England, Australia, Canada, New zealand)'s 230 veterans and 130 soldiers on service visit Korea to honor of the fellow soldiers buried in battle fields- Imjin river, gapyeong. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard participated in this event too and she cherish the patriots of Korean war.

Korean president Lee Myungbak said, "Korea remember war veterans who were dedicated to protecting our country forever." "You all live in our mind forever" he expressed gratitude to allies in on behalf of the Korean.

"Thank so much all allies and it's soldiers for saving our country" by Korea

I'm quite inspired with this Korean war and I felt they all respectful.

Korea In Your Mind: In to the Fire (2010.6) (external - login to view)

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