Fukashima effects on Canada

So ... the TV says you're safe !
Do you believe this ?

Well I have no qualifications other than being a self-published author with time to spend researching this very question.

Which I have ... over 120 hours in 30 days, and I continue to be concerned about my loved ones in Canada
[I am in Latin America safe from the radiation flow]

Are you safe ?
There are so many experts saying you are ... dont worry.
Well are you aware there are as many experts saying you are NOT safe ?

I have accumulated over 100 links to various sourses, one of the most revealing being Leuren Moret in her semiar on radiation in the north.
If you are interested take a look through the data base, read some of the articles, watch Leuren Moret's video, and perhaps you will re-think what you are being told.

My 4um is in fact a CLOSED blog site for me where i share ideas
my blog on Fukashima can be seen here

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Pray for guidance from God, be well.
I have been snorting massive rails of iodine.... just in case.
Just iodine? If you're going for a burn like that why not bump it up little?

not japan thats in danger from radiation ... its america.

Map of plume from Japan (external - login to view) Posted on | March 17, 2011 |

http://forums.cannabisculture.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1695550#Post169 5550 (external - login to view)

http://chanceofrain.com/2011/03/map-of-plume-from-japan/ (external - login to view)


These trajectories were calculated using the NOAA HYSPLIT model.
http://www.atmos.umd.edu/~tcanty/hysplit/ (external - login to view)

Quote: Originally Posted by 7he4uthorView Post

So ... the TV says you're safe !
Do you believe this ?

The TV usually tries to make me afraid of everything: bed bugs, restaurant food, children playing without parents ever watchful gaze, H1N1, escalators. So when it deviates from its fearmongering, I'm almost inclined to believe it.
4pr 18th
Winds blowing into Japan:
http://www.kachelmannwetter.de/japan/japan.html (external - login to view)



"'If the leaks continue, the total radiation from the reactors may exceed' that from Chernobyl, Junichi Matsumoto, general manager of one of the utility’s nuclear divisions, said in Tokyo today."

http://blog.jmhamiltonpublishing.com/2011/04/12/if-the-leaks-continue-the-total-radiation-from-the-reactors-may-exceed-that-from-chernobyl-junichi-matsumoto-general-manager-of-one-of-the-utilitys-nuclear-divisions-said-in-tokyo-today.aspx (external - login to view)


Apr 19th
Plan to bring nuclear plant leaking radiation under control within six to nine months
drawing political condemnation


Apr 15th
Meltdown II
http://www.sott.net/articles/show/227274-Japan-Plant-Fuel-Melted-Partway-Through-Reactors (external - login to view)

Apr 19th
Japan plant radiation 'too high for crews'
http://english.aljazeera.net/news/asia-pacific/2011/04/201141820146882320.html (external - login to view)
U.N. chief calls for nuclear safety boost | Top News | Reuters (external - login to view)

Japan to shut nuclear plant on quake fears | Reuters (external - login to view)

" Government experts put the chance of a magnitude 8.0 quake hitting the Hamaoka area in the next 30 years at 87 percent, which has raised questions over why it was built there in the first place."

" A close aide to Prime Minister Naoto Kan -- who pushed for the shutdown -- said further action would be taken if other plants were judged to pose immediate risk, but added the government had yet to review its long-term energy policy."


Japan P.M. (accidentally, I 'm sure )(may have) forgot to mention 1 Thing .....There is Another Solution...Another Alternative...

----Green/Clean Tech-----

Is Now ..Is The Future..

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