The Queen looks stunning in new portrait for Scottish Parliament building

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Queen Elizabeth II looks stunning in all-white in a new photographic portrait of her which is to be hung in the devolved Scottish Parliament.

The picture, taken by photographer Shaun Murawski, 24, shows the 84-year-old monarch resplendent in a white gown and with a cheery smile on her face.

Shaun, a photography graduate from Glasgow, who has a shaven head and a nose ring, said that Her Majesty had been "very graceful" and "warm" during the photoshoot.

The portrait will hang in the Scottish Parliament Building in Holyrood, Edinburgh, and was commissioned to mark the building's tenth anniversary.

The photographer had another brush with royalty today because Princess Anne, the Queen's daughter, officially unveiled the work.

Scotland was given its own Parliament with limited powers in 1999 and, also in that year, Wales was given its own Assembly with limited powers. Northern Ireland already has its own devolved parliament at Stormont. Those nations are also ruled by the British Parliament in Westminster.

The only part of the United Kingdom without its own devolved parliament or assembly is England, because the previous (Scottish-dominated) Labour Government, for some mysterious reason, decided not to give it one. So England is ruled solely by the British Parliament at Westminster, leading to situations in which English MPs have no say on matters which concern Scotland only or Wales only or Northern Ireland only but Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs are allowed a say on matters which concern England only. But the English are seeing the unfairness and the undemocratic nature of this and so moves are now underway to put pressure on the Coalition Government to give England its long-overdue parliament.

Majestic in all white: How a shaven headed young photographer with nose ring put a dazzling smile on Queen Elizabeth's face

By Daily Mail Reporter
16th March 2011
Daily Mail

  • Graduate's shot of monarch to be hung in Scottish parliament
Resplendent in a full-length white gown, the Queen looks stunning in this official portrait to be hung in the Scottish parliament.

But the picture, taken by the unconventional photographer Shaun Murawski, 24, also shows Her Majesty wearing an unusually broad smile.

He received the commission as part of a competition to mark Holyrood's 10th anniversary.

But it remains a mystery quite what the immaculately turned out monarch made of the young photographer, who sports a bizarre part-shaven, part quiff hairstyle, nose ring and earrings.

The photography graduate from Glasgow told how she had been 'very gracious' and 'warm' during the photoshoot, which must have left his nerves jangling.

The Queen as photographed in the Throne Room at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh by Shaun Murawski

Mr Murawski talks through his approach with the Princess before the unveiling

His picture was taken in the Throne Room of the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh with the Queen in a white gown, pearl earrings, a necklace and a diamond brooch which belonged to her grandmother Queen Mary.

Mr Murawski remained guarded about the exchanges he had with the Queen but said he was made to feel at ease in her company.

'She was very gracious with her time,' he said. 'She's a professional, she's the Queen for a reason. She very much puts you at ease and it's a pleasure to be in her company.

'I was trying to capture a moment, not setting anything up in a false way, just trying to capture something real.'

The photographer had another brush with royalty today because Princess Anne, the Queen's daughter, officially unveiled the work.

Princess Anne and Presiding Officer Alex Fergusson examining the portrait today

After the ceremony, he said: 'It's good to finally get the portrait out there and let other people look at it and see what they think.

Photography graduate Shaun Murawski

'I'm very pleased with it. It was a really enjoyable day and she's a very warm person to be around. It was an amazing experience.

'I hope the picture at least shows what a moment in her company is like, what it feels like to be around her, what sort of person she is. That's always the aim anyway.'

The former student of Paisley's Reid Kerr College said he would be a 'very happy man' if he were able to take photographs for a living in the future.

He said: 'I graduated a couple of years ago. I'm hoping to be taking photos full-time, that's the plan. Hopefully this won't do it any harm.'

Among those on the panel which selected Mr Murawski for the job was renowned US-based photographer Harry Benson, who counts several presidents and the Beatles among his subjects.

The Scottish Parliament's Presiding Officer, Alex Fergusson, praised the picture as 'absolutely stunning'.

He said today: 'I think it's a wonderful piece of work and I think it will grace our walls for many years to come.

'It's an astonishing piece of work and I personally am absolutely delighted with it.'
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