Prince William and Kate Middleton toss pancakes in Belfast

Prince William and his fiancee Catherine Middleton marked Pancake Day on Tuesday by flipping pancakes.

The future King and Queen, who will marry in front of a worldwide TV audience of billions on Friday 29th April, were in Northern Ireland as part of their trip visiting all four main parts of the UK before their wedding.

Twenty years ago, when a minor civil war was being fought in the UK between Northern Irish Protestant Unionists and Catholic Nationalists, bringing death and maimings on Northern Irish and mainland UK soil, such a royal visit may not have occurred.

But trouble hasn't completely died down and, for security reasons, Tuesday's visit by the couple was secret. As a result, there were, to start of with, not many well-wishers to greet Wills and Kate. But, as soon as word got round that they were in town, the crowds soon gathered.

The couple arrived George Best City Airport at Sydenham, east Belfast. They were met by Lord Mayor Pat Convery and Dame Mary Peters, a former Great Britain Olympic pentathlon athletics champion who is now the Lord Lieutenant of Belfast.

The royals then travelled in an eight-car cavalcade to City Hall, where they were met by a crowd of wellwishers waving Union Flags who had heard of their arrival.

Later, the couple then met with the crowd outside City Hall. They were presented with two frying pans each containing a pancake and, to the crowd's delight, both showed off how good they are at tossing pancakes.

Next week, Prince William will travel without his fiancee to earthquake-ravaged Christchurch in New Zealand and the towns devastated by the recent floods in Queensland, Australia.

Flipping good work: Kate Middleton shows off her pancake-tossing skills as Royal couple bring Belfast to a standstill with surprise visit

By Maysa Rawi
9th March 2011
Daily Mail

It may be a fairly ordinary task if you're doing it in your kitchen. But standing in the middle of the street on what was only her third official engagement, Kate Middleton could be forgiven for feeling a little shaky.

On a surprise visit to Belfast, both Prince William and Kate attempted the difficult flip for a charity fundraiser to mark Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day. William tossed his pancake with aplomb leaving Kate under pressure to perform.

The future Princess mastered the art of the flip with a flick of the wrist and a little giggle, impressing the crowds - and Prince William - with her culinary trick.

Flipped out: Kate Middleton concentrates on pancake-tossing as Prince William looks on during their trip to Belfast on Shrove Tuesday

Mastering the art: Kate looked even more relaxed and at ease as she settles into her new role

The Royal couple are touring the UK ahead of the wedding in April and by the looks of things, there is little doubt that she is settling into her new role with confidence and ease.

And for a refreshing change, Kate opted to wear an on-trend 650 Burberry trench coat with skirt detailing, a notable contrast to the more formal attire we have seen over the last two weeks - swapping her flat boots for high-heel courts.

Perhaps Kate, 29, has been taking note of the fashion critics who have called for the future Princess to adopt an edgier, younger look.

There have already been reports that Kate has decided to have her wedding dress designed by Alexander McQueen's avant-garde protegee Sarah Burton - a welcome choice in the fashion world.

Royal Welcome: The Prince and his bride-to-be were all smiles as they walked around the city - but there was also a strong security presence

Greetings: The couple met with Lord Mayor Pat Convery and Dame Mary Peters a former Olympic pentathlon athletics champion who is now the Lord Lieutenant of Belfast

And although the rumours have been heavily denied, it seems Kate's slight but bold sartorial adjustment today is a statement that she intends to make conscious fashion decisions when it comes to her wardrobe.

Either way, she looked stunning in the neutral piece, teamed with opaque tights and sapphire engagement ring as the couple brought the centre of Belfast to a standstill.

A small crowd gathered in the bright sunshine inside the grounds of City Hall in the hope of a walkabout after police sealed off streets and diverted traffic as part of a huge security operation for the couple's first visit to Northern Ireland.


Can it be only a month ago that I wrote in this very paper about how much I’d love to see Kate favouring British designers, such as Burberry Prorsum, over Americans, such as Diane von Furstenberg?

Well, stop the press! For what do we see here? Kate stepping out in a stylish trench coat, by none other than… Burberry Prorsum.

Top marks, Kate! Retailing at 650, the trench is from the spring/summer collection.

Sartorial hit: Kate looked stylish and on-trend in a 650 belted Burberry trench coat with skirt detailing

(The label wouldn’t divulge if it was a gift, but it seems to me to have had a ruffle added to the super short hem we saw on the catwalk; I hope KM didn’t do this herself!)

Before you regurgitate your tea into your commemorative wedding mug at the price tag, let me assure you this is cheap for such an upmarket yet edgy British label, which sold out of its chunky, sexy biker jacket, despite the 3,995 price tag, and has a jacket in its autumn collection that costs more than 13,000.

So, a patriotic but very ‘now’ choice. But Kate still doesn’t quite pull it off. You don’t wear Burberry as though it were Dior, or Norman Hartnell.

You muss it up a bit! Such a garment needs to be worn with swagger and sex appeal, not all buttoned up.

Wear the collar up, slash it open to the waist. Add a tangerine bag, a fluorescent green narrow patent belt (also Burberry, 295), bare or nude (as in colour) stockings, with shoe boots.

I know I wrote on Monday I don’t want Kate to become a clothes horse, but she should at least inhabit the 21st century, and dress her age!

Someone, please (a corgi, maybe), ladder those black tights, and chew those awful low black heels!

Hair malfunction: The bride-to-be might be considering an up-do for her big day after windy days out in Belfast today and Wales last week

A little dishevelled but still radiant: Kate examines some flowers at Greenmount College in Co Antrim

They arrived at the George Best City Airport at Sydenham, east Belfast.

The couple were met by Lord Mayor Pat Convery and Dame Mary Peters, a former Great Britain Olympic pentathlon athletics champion who is now the Lord Lieutenant of Belfast.

It was the first in a series of engagements planned for the couple, who are to marry at Westminster Abbey on April 29.

People person: The future Princess hugs a newborn, and shows off her sapphire engagement ring

Fans: The crowds gathering in the city centre after word leaked out because of the heavy security presence

Youth worker: The pair joked with onlookers who had lined the streets to catch a glimpse of them

The couple accepted a framed photograph of City Hall and a book on the building's architectural history.

They arrived in an eight-car cavalcade, with William and Miss Middleton in the second.

They paused for a time on the steps of the front door, acknowledging the cheering crowd, some of whom waved miniature Union Flags.

The look of love: Kate shoots an admiring glance at her future husband

Always at ease: Relaxed Kate slipped into black boots and stood under an umbrella when their official visit took them to the countryside. She also poured herself a glass of water during a welcome break

Heavily-armed police patrolled adjoining and nearby streets, and at one stage used steel rods to check litter bins close to the City Hall gates and grounds.

One officer using binoculars kept watch from the rooftop of the Robinson & Cleaver building directly opposite, and at least two others, also using binoculars, positioned themselves on the top of City Hall, just few away from the Union Flag which fluttered in a gentle breeze.

Surprise: Senior officials at the Northern Ireland Office who were involved in organising the trip did not confirm William and Kate even planned to make the visit until their aircraft landed in east Belfast

Good sports: The couple watched a play, talked to members of the Rainbow Factory at the Youth Action Northern Ireland Centre in Belfast and helped drive a wooden fence post into the ground at Greenmount Agriculture College in Co. Antrim

Senior officials at the Northern Ireland Office who were heavily involved with Buckingham Palace in organising the trip did not confirm William and Kate even planned to make the visit until their aircraft landed in east Belfast.

But by the time the entourage pulled up in front of City Hall, word had already leaked out because of the heavy security presence.
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These photos must be fake, as there are far more ethnic minorities in Britain and Ireland and I don't see any in these pictures!

I think this is rather typical of all White Liberals - they will preach diversity but at the same time tell the police (who have an off-the-book rule) that they must keep back all the minorities.

The days a Monarch and Royal could walk in public without needing a personal army are long gone.

The German Saxe-Cothburgs on our throne need to go.
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They're such a good looking couple! Charles should abdicate so that William can be king!
No... if Charles abdicates than there's a greater chance that the Royal **** up of a family will continue longer
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No... if Charles abdicates than there's a greater chance that the Royal **** up of a family will continue longer

Yes! We want the monarchy to continue! Especially with young blood in a popular person like William! Long live the King!!!
She is a gorgeous creature.
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