According to British Council - Canada fails to rank in top 10

Another "smoking gun" article that the Canadian immigration and education system are out of line with our goal of a multicultural Canada.

BBC News - Germany top for foreign students (external - login to view)
British Council - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (external - login to view)


  • 1. Germany
  • 2. Australia
  • 3. UK
  • 4. China
  • 5. Malaysia
  • 6. US
  • 7. Japan
  • 8. Russia
  • 9. Nigeria
  • 10. Brazil
  • 11. India

Canada is not on the list. And, this is all despite that Canada is taking more than its' fair share of the international student population.

I think we know the explanation. Take the day off and visit UBC, UT and McGill. Just from watching the masses of students going from and to class, you would guess that about 90% of international students are Chinese (landed status) and from the Canton Region and the remaining 8% are East Indian.

I know at UBC, I would at most see maybe 1-2 black people a week and then thousands of "Droneish like" Chinese students. How is this good for our multiculturalism?

Whereas; if I studied at an American or European University, I believe there would be far more diversity.
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I think that the meaning is obvious: we don't want any more Brits here, so we're not friendly to them.
OK I confess. dumpthemonarchy and I are responsible for this slight. It is retaliation for our drive to remove the inbred royals from access to our taxes.
There are thousands of international students learning English in Vancouver, I wonder if they made the list? They are in private schools, not public universities. The article only talks about universities. These stats need a relook.
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Bleh.... Canada could be buried in the UK numbers. Jolly Ol' has a hard time letting go....
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I think that the meaning is obvious: we don't want any more Brits here, so we're not friendly to them.

Does that mean we can kick out the 82,000 Canadians living in Britain?

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