The way he plays
last week, Korea broadcasting aired the luxury life of Kim Jong il & his behind story that showed his power abuse in reality. He has already ruled North Korea for 64 years and that made people more pressured in many parts.(especially, they have been in trouble with food,clothing,and shelter). To speak out his luxury life more specifically, he have bought the most high quality cognac for 10 years(1989~1999) and that made him use money 650,000~800,000 dollars to it. especially, he like young girls. so, he made an organization of young & pretty girls called the club of pleasure. he often called them to his party and striped them naked to dance in front of him, and slept with them. like this, he has lived extravagantly but that made him got sick of various adult diseases. while he enjoys his luxury life, many North Koreans died of hunger. he must recognize that to keep his throne.
'NK leader Kim enjoyed watching naked dancers' <img src='/www/news/images/ic_korean.gif'>