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Prince Andrew under fire for ties to convicted pedophile (external - login to view)


LONDON - British ministers will downgrade Prince Andrew's role as a trade ambassador over his association with a convicted pedophile, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported Monday.
Ministers will carry out a review into Andrew's position, which could result in the queen's second son losing his role completely, government sources told the British newspaper.
The prince came under increased fire after it emerged that U.S. businessman Jeffrey Epstein - who served 18 months in jail for child sex offences - had paid off debts accrued by the Duchess of York, Andrew's former wife.
Andrew has been a guest at Epstein's Florida mansion where underage girls were abused, but there has been no suggestion that the fourth-in-line to the British throne had ever been guilty of any wrongdoing.
Diplomatic cables released by the WikiLeaks website last year showed how U.S. officials were shocked by the "rude" prince's "astonishing display of candour" during a business trip to Kyrgyzstan.
A senior Conservative minister told the Telegraph that Andrew's position was fast becoming untenable due to his track record of poor judgment.
"There appears to be no discernible mental activity," the minister said. "I feel sorry for him. He has no friends and so is surrounded by these vile people."
Another government source told the paper: "We won't be giving a full-throated defence of him. There won't be many tears shed if he...

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Still a Monarchist but our royal family continues to prove themselves to be a bunch of scumbags. We need to return to a true British Dynasty (The Stuarts) or abolish the system altogether. The Germans got rid of their German Monarch creeps - but we still keep a bunch of Saxe-Coburg Germans on our throne.

Josef Fritzl, another fine upstanding German (like the German-sounding surname Epstein - stein meaning stone in German...) involved in pedophilia.

Hitler was also fond of his "Hitler Youth" for a reason!
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Meanwhile, Joseph Ratzinger is invited for a state visit.
Ah... ze German Ratzinger, haz he beenz to der Kindergarten?

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