WARNING SMARTPHONES - People can stalk you by use of photo's taken & posted online -

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WARNING SMARTPHONES - People can stalk you by use of photo's taken & posted online -

My wife just saw this on the news.

GPS has a use but not to embed in photo's your house or where you were. This is again scary as hell when you put some thought to it.

Cell phone photos can reveal location, hacker warns

http://www.globaltvedmonton.com/Cell+phone+photos+reveal+location+hacker+warns/4361289/story.html (external - login to view)
With the advent of smartphones and social networks, taking photos with a cell phone and posting them online has become common, a great way to capture and share memories to friends and family.

But what many people don't know is that a photo taken with a cell phone, especially smartphones, can contain GPS information that could potentially allow strangers to track and locate where you are and where you've been.

Free software is available online to interpret GPS data and point out the exact location your photo was taken on a Google map.

General instructions for turning off GPS settings:

For iPhone users:
Go to Settings

Click on General

Select Location Services

Specify which application have access On/Off

Turn off Camera

Or turn off all Location Services at the top

For Blackberry users:

Go to Options

Select Advanced Options

Go to GPS

Select GPS Services

Choose E911 Only
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Your welcome. When I heard this it reminds me of how much closer big brother is. From what I understand, not sure but Facebook strips this info from photo's - but with so many social media sites, someone looking for someone to cause harm could use a simple photo to find out where they are, track them when the phone is one and down to where the live. Scared the bejeusus out of me.

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