Their precious gift is...

Do you guys know foot and mouth disease? that disease(infectious disease in livestock) is spreading out overall asia countries now. Most of countries that it outbreaks are usually trying to stop it's proliferation with burying and incinerating infected livestock. but Northkorea is different with those countries. they are in the worst situation for shortage of food. so, Northkorea government didn't kill those infected livestock and rationed it to Northkoreans as gifts in token of celebrating Kim jong il's 69th birthday. Not knowing the fact, people might be happy for that and decided to be loyal to it's country again. I think, Northkorea may go against common sense. it is very unsanitary and morally wrong. Northkorea government should haven't wasted money to celebrate Kim's birthday only. that money was enough to save most of poor people. I hope, the revolution will be in Northkorea like jasmine revolution in China. For that, the world should think of the measures to give the power to Northkoreans.
<< buried livestock
Some people here are intimate with foot in mouth decease.
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Some people here are intimate with foot in mouth decease.

sounds kinky, being intimate an all.............................and some can spell..................................(sorry).............
I can't see the N. Koreans revolting any time soon, as they probably think the rest of the world is exactly like them. Pretty revolting in itself.

Here's some stuff from Wiki:

Foot-and-mouth disease infecting humans

Humans can be infected with foot-and-mouth disease through contact with infected animals, but this is extremely rare. Some cases were caused by laboratory accidents. Because the virus that causes FMD is sensitive to stomach acid, it cannot spread to humans via consumption of infected meat, except in the mouth before the meat is swallowed. In the UK, the last confirmed human case occurred in 1966,[8] (external - login to view)[9] (external - login to view) and only a few other cases have been recorded in countries of continental Europe (external - login to view), Africa, and South America. Symptoms of FMD in humans include malaise, fever, vomiting, red ulcerative lesions (surface-eroding damaged spots) of the oral tissues, and sometimes vesicular lesions (small blisters) of the skin. According to a newspaper report, FMD killed two children in England in 1884, supposedly due to infected milk.[10] (external - login to view)
There is another viral disease with similar symptoms, commonly referred to as "hand, foot and mouth disease (external - login to view)", that occurs more frequently in humans, especially in young children; the cause, Coxsackie A (external - login to view) virus, is different from FMDV. Coxsackie viruses belong to the Enteroviruses (external - login to view) within the Picornaviridae.
Because FMD rarely infects humans, but spreads rapidly among animals, it is a much greater threat to the agriculture industry than to human health. Farmers around the world can lose huge amounts of money during a foot-and-mouth epizootic (external - login to view), when large numbers of animals are destroyed and revenues from milk and meat production go down."""

Coxsack???..........sounds nasty.

Their great leader, Kim IL Dong is truly a benevolent, compassionate, leader to allow his subjects to ingest such wonderful fare.

It is hoped that they, someday, rise up and castrate him and his son, and slaughter any offspring.
If China realized that N.Korea is a hopeless case. If S.Korea & China were on good terms. If NKorea weren't a nuclear power.
Then China & S.Korea could get together & each take a part of N.Korea.
Too many 'ifs' folk.
Is it Alzheimer's or is it Mad Cow?

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Northkorea government should haven't wasted money to celebrate Kim's birthday only. that money was enough to save most of poor people

How many Canadians could have been fed with the money spent on the Olympics or the BILLION $ G8 Riotorium in T.O.?
thank you guys so much for reply and information about it. foot and mouth disease is not kind of disease you said (alzheimer,madcow things)
Ron in Regina
My Mother told horror stories of Foot & Mouth from when she was a child.

All the cattle where lined up in front of a pit, & shot, and rolled into the pit.
Then the other animals, & the family dog. All where then burned & burried.

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