Deadly Quake Rocks New Zealand

Fears of fatalities across Christchurch after a major earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand brought down buildings.
The earthquake was measured at magnitude 6.3 by local scientists with a focal depth of 3 miles, 6 miles southwest of the country’s second biggest city. The quake struck at 12.51pm New Zealand time, or 10.51am Australian eastern standard time.
The extent of damage is not yet known. Buildings were down “all around Cathedral Square in the city”, while a church was among buildings destroyed. The Christchurch Hospital is in the midst of being evacuated.
The quake has also cracked roads, burst water mains and rocked items from shelves. There were reports of further debris falling from already damaged buildings and people were evacuated from some offices in the central business district as checks were made. The Ferrymead bridge is reported to be impassable because of rising water.

6.3 Earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand – Video Inside – US News Source (external - login to view)
I hope our resident Kiwi(kiwi_nz) is okay. It's been a long time since she last visited, so there isn't any way for us to know for sure.
Looks like it's bad.
65 confirmed dead at this stage and fires are starting around the area.
Didn't they have one less than a year ago too?

65. That is a fairly low.

Fires...out of curiousity how many of you keep a wrench by your gas meter and acually know how to turn it off?
this one was reported at three point five kilometers depth which is relatively close to the surface I guess
Yes that's unusually close to the surface. As a result damage should be over a smaller area but more severe near the epicenter.

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