Mid East Rebellion - Libya - Is Gadaffi Next -and who else - Saudi is ripe as well

I had expected violence in Egypt if Mubarak had cracked down on dissent - But the powers of the Army would not tolerate that. So I was grossly in error but we have to wait and see what the results bring - and that will evolve over the next decade at a minimum.

One point that has been overlooked by many is why now do we see such unrest in the Middle east - North Africa - I would say that the Internet has been one great source of information, arranging protests etc. Publishing events -

One other point that I am sure many will disagree with is the ability to see democracy in 2 countries that are central to the Mid east - Israel since it declared independence, this has been noted by Palestinians in greater number than ever. - Last but not least, and equally important - Iraq elections - it has been noted in Iran and many other Arab countries that have a variety of religious beliefs.

The same in Iran would result in killing well beyond what the Shah committed - Religious thugs know exactly where there power comes from, and where the revenge would be directed.

Another country where dissent would be met with violence is Syria - Remember that Syria is run by a minority clan, and the presidents father had no qualms about murdering 10;s of thousands when dissent arose in the 70;s - Syria would also receive all kind and manner of support from their key ally, Iran. The last thing Iran wants is another democracy right across the border.

Now in Libya - Gaddafi is using massive force - Killings are substantial along with Army units in Eastern Libya stating that they want Gaddafi gone - His grip in the East of Libya is weak and controlled by one major tribe. They also control a substantial amount of oil exports.

Gaddafi is now offering change - is it to little or to late, only time will tell.

The Mid east is rife for change - high population of youth, many without work, corruption, many are well educated well and are tired of seeing no future beyond that. A reason many emigrate to the West - Freedom. Now where else will it spread - what changes will we see- will it be effective change or just window dressing - regardless - change is coming like a runaway train in the Mid East and the ruling elite is unsure of how to react except with violence. but that will only work so long.

Libya unrest spreads to Tripoli, Benghazi erupts

TRIPOLI — Libya’s unrest spread to the capital Tripoli on Sunday after scores of protesters were killed in the second city Benghazi, which appeared to have slipped out of control of forces loyal to strongman Muammar Gaddafi.

Gaddafi has attempted to put down protests with a violent crackdown, triggering some of the worst bloodshed in the two months since unrest began sweeping across the Arab world.

In Benghazi, centre of Libya’s unrest, tens of thousands of people took to the streets and appeared to be in control of the city before security forces opened fire and killed scores.

Benghazi residents said soldiers from a unit had joined their protest and defeated a force Gaddafi’s elite guards. Bodies were brought to a hospital riddled with bullets and wounds from rocket-propelled grenades.

One of Gaddafi’s sons, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, appeared on television delivering a rambling address in which he repeatedly said Libya was “not Egypt or Tunisia”, neighbouring countries whose strongmen were swept from power in recent weeks.

In a rare sign of dissent, Libya’s representative to the Arab League quit in protest over “oppression against protesters”, Al Jazeera television reported.

The leader of the Al-Zuwayya tribe in eastern Libya, Shaikh Faraj al Zuway, threatened to cut oil exports to Western countries within 24 hours unless authorities stopped what he called the “oppression of protesters”.

Gadhafi's son says protesters in Libya have seized military bases, tanks - The Globe and Mail

Gaddafi's Son Warns of Civil War in Libya - TIME (external - login to view)

BBC News - Libya protests: Gaddafi's son warns of civil war (external - login to view)

Just the Facts
From what I understand, the change in Egypt is largely cosmetic to this point. Mubarak was the Military's man, and the military is still in charge. For now. Things may get interesting but I suspect the Muslim Brotherhood will go through the motions of holding an election anyway.

Libya may get interesting though.
I don't think we're talking about what's really important. Saif al Islam Gaddafi follows John Hodgman, John Legend, Mariah Carey, Rachel Maddow, Eddie Izzard and University of Kentucky basketball on Twitter.

Twitter (external - login to view)
If we are not careful a rudimentary form of democracy will break out throughout the middle east. With it will inevitably come peace and a declining market for our arms manufacturers.

it has been noted in Iran and many other Arab countries that have a variety of religious beliefs.

You won't find many Arabs in Iran.
Quote: Originally Posted by petrosView Post

You won't find many Arabs in Iran.

But you may, and i ean may find a new family in Hugo Land???? Who knows.

That young man who set himself on fire may have been the event that galvanized disent in the Mid East. He set the Mid East on fire thru his actions.

Gaddafi's grip on Libya begins to slip

TRIPOLI — Protesters on Monday overran several Libyan cities and Tripoli was rocked by violence some residents said was a “massacre,” as the pillars of Muammar Gaddafi’s hardline four-decade rule began to crumble.
A suggestion in Brussels by British Foreign Secretary William Hague that Gaddafi may have left the country for Venezuela was swiftly denied by Caracas, home to the embattled Libyan leader’s firebrand ally President Hugo Chavez.

Tripoli also denied it, with Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kayem telling state television: “The leader is in Libya, as are all the government officials.”
The uprising spread to the capital itself, with gunfire rattling Tripoli, where protesters attacked police stations and the offices of the state broadcaster, Gaddafi’s mouthpiece, and set government buildings ablaze.

Two Libyan fighter pilots -- both colonels -- flew their single-seater Mirage F1 jets to Malta and said they had defected after being ordered to attack protesters in Benghazi, Maltese military and official sources told AFP.
Malta is the closest European state to Libya, just 340 kilometres (211 miles) north of its coastline.

Libya's UN delegates call for Gadhafi to step down - The Globe and Mail

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi fought an increasingly bloody battle to hang on to power when anti-government protests against his 41-year rule struck the capital Tripoli after days of violence in the east.
On Monday, Libya's ambassadors at the United Nations also called for Gadhafi to step down as the country's ruler.

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