Today is his birthday...---__---


Northkorea has been struggling to solve the chronical economic crisis and starvation but it has failed to find out the way to cool down Northkoreans' resent. Kim Jong il has ruled it's country by coercive means and policy and has focused to enhance military power and to still develop nuke&missiles. that has people more hard to live. especially, Kim & his partners are neglected to take care of people & tragic inside of it's country and only focus to arrange his 70th birthday party using multibillion-dollar. I think that money enough to save most of Northkoreans suffered with hunger. it's kind of sad thing. For example, it's government celebrated Kim il sung(the former dictator of NK)'s birthday by firing salutes worth 6 million-dollar (it's worth same with corn 40,000ton and 5 month rations for 700,000 soldiers) How ruthless Kim is...he should have taken care of poor people first. he has onlythought his partners & royal military soldiers. I think His fall is a matter of time.
''I think His fall is a matter of time.''

We've been hearing that for a LONG time.

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