Proof that Prince Charles really DOES talk to trees

There are rumours that, when doing a spot of gardening, Prince Charles likes to talk to his plants.

These rumours seemed to be confirmed last week when a photographer caught the Prince of Wales talking to what looks like a tree. But, in actual fact, he was talking to a British soldier in full camouflage dress.

The future king met members of the Mercian Regiment 2nd Battalion at their base in Palace Barracks, near Belfast. It was the prince's first visit to the Battallion following their return from Afghanistan late in 2009.

The prince was visiting Northern Ireland with his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, who presented books to young people at Dundonald Library.

The camouflage really does make a change from the bright red that British soldiers used to wear.

Charles really DOES talk to trees: Prince of Wales comes face to face with Army sniper in full camouflage dress

By Daily Mail Reporter
5th February 2011
Daily Mail

It was perhaps one of the Prince of Wales's more unusual meetings.

And while the Royal can't be expected to remember everyone he meets, he certainly wouldn't be able to pick this person out of a line-up.

The Prince met members of the Mercian Regiment 2nd Battalion at their base in Palace Barracks, near Belfast, including this sniper decked out in full camouflage dress.

Pleased to meet you, whoever you are: Prince Charles shakes hands with a sniper dressed in full camouflage from the 2nd Battalion, The Mercian Regiment at Palace Barracks, Belfast

It was the first visit by Charles to the Battalion following its return from Afghanistan in late 2009 and while there he presented several long service and good conduct medals to soldiers.

Earlier in the day the Duchess of Cornwall had scored top marks with delighted schoolchildren today as she visited a library in the area.

Camilla is patron of the National Literacy Trust and met around 20 primary and special schoolchildren near Belfast.

She read a story and presented books to the young people at Dundonald Library.

It was part of a visit to Northern Ireland with the Prince of Wales.

Primary coordinator at Tor Bank Special School, Sarah Liddell, said: 'They were very, very excited, Joshua gave her a great bow.'

The literacy trust aims to help more than 1,100 disadvantaged children.

Brooklands Primary schoolgirl Katie Birch, eight, from Dundonald, said: 'She said 'well, you practice your reading'.
Must be all that inbreeding.
I stayed at a bed-and-breakfast farm that he used to stay at, since he owned the land. Nice people, and I'm pretty sure he's no weirder than your typical guy, based on what they say.
They allow people with faces covered to meet royalty in the UK? Wow!

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