Bono supports hate speech?

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It's not the"concept" of the OP that I didn't get.

I know you don't understand, that's very clear lil Joe. No need to tell me you didn't get any of it.

But what do you expect, you say you don't read all the posts, you obviously have some form of cognitive and comprehension issue.

This is simply going to cause great difficulty in following along. Hence why you have failed to do so.

But thanx for trying.


Nice try though.

I know that too. But I just can't dumb it down enough for you to understand. But I appreciate you acknowledging my effort. Thanx.
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Hypocritical is what it is.

Either endorse full freedom of speech or endorse limits on speech within the principles of hate speech.
Free speech and even the concept of hate speech are principles. The principle of free speech should, perhaps quite often, leave a vile and bitter taste when one has to concede that “yes, even that speech should be protected.” Conversely, if you believe in the concept that some speech should be defined as hate speech, then all offensive speech should be included.

To be fair, we all place limits. For instance, while I do believe that no speech itself should ever be suppressed, I do think we can place reasonable limits on where and when such speech takes place. Now some may look at that and state that I do not support true freedom of speech. Maybe they are right, maybe they are wrong. I think I’m open minded enough to entertain the notion.

When one makes broad, sweeping statements, such as publicly endorsing or campaigning for hate speech legislation, then seemingly casually comments that there are exceptions, that is very hypocritical, in my opinion.

Basically, I don’t personally put a lot of stock into what Bono or any other “pop star” says. They are just a person with an opinion who just happens to have a microphone in front of their face.

I did however notice that the comments came just as U2 was about to embark on a South African tour. Like they say, no press is bad press.
Well said SLM.

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