America’s Stay-at-Home Ex-President

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Oh real mature!

Just couldn't find the appropriate smilley....
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I think George should be kept out of this country as well, after all he engaged in drugs in his
past and we don't allow others in for the same reason.

Does George have a conviction for it on his record?


There is some validity to the fact that his former administration engaged in war crimes and simply justified them. Then so did the German war machine in Munich after the last big war.

So did Canada in WWII (LWF).


A democratic state, has the over all responsibility not to behave like those they are trying to bring to justice.

Ya people keep saying that. But the Australians proved in Vietnam, the only way to win a war with a group that will use bikes to rebuild a road in the dark, is to think and fight like they do.

The reason is we are more advanced socially and we are trying to set an example to the world, therefore we cannot
behave like the tyrants we are engaged in combat with or we become what we are trying to fight.

This kind of thinking, is why the war in Afghanistan is taking so long.

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Oh real mature!

Maybe not, but it made me LOL fo realz!!!
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