Super bacteria was first founded in Japan in the late 90s. it spreaded out the 20 countries quickly and 6 persons were infected with it in 5 contries(U.S,Hongkong,France etc) and 2 persons regretfully died. it has threatened human beings until now. VRSA is not dead by any antibiotics. Once it permeate into the person who has the low level immunity, it occurs blood poisoning in one's body and finally deprive one's life. if VRSA is prevailed, No one could get any physical surgeries. Even more serious problem is that people are easily infected it in the hospital. in other words, patients and care workers are in the bad situation at the same. Many countries have been trying to research on VRSA to find out a new drug to eliminate it until now, but there was not the clear outcome and that has made the medical world nervous. However, Korea's New drug production company-Crystalgenomix finally founded the organization of type NDM-1 VRSA first in the world. that is quite worth noticing. I think it won't be long before we can get rid of VRSA.

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