The importance of Korea Marine is gradually increasing in SK because of recent consecutive provocations from Northkorea. Lately, Korea Marine is participating in 2011 Cobra Gold military drill in thailand. this drill is annual multinational military training that U.S,Japan,Malaysia participate in to do peacekeeping operations and about 10,000 soldiers discipline. During the training, they do HCA(Humanitarian Civic Action) and CPX(Command Post Exercise)and FTX(Field Training Exercise) etc in priority. Korea Marine has first done the oversea expeditionary training with 1 battalion and LST(Tank Landing Ship), 7 KAAVs(Korean Assu it Amphibious Vehicle) last year.Korea Marine is famous for it's agility and strength,spiritual energy and it is called the troop taking the ghost in Korea. they will show their traditional martial arts Taekwondo in this drill. I remember the person who fought bravely against NK's cruel attacks to the Yeonpyeong island inland of SK. I was so impressed seeing their burnt helmets and military uniforms. I think those show how hard they make head aginst enemy in spite of the death. I want to support them to play an important role in the world to keep peace.