Universal health care in America .

A guy on the radio (American) said "If you want health care reform get off the couch and move around" and that's what Americans need to do. Who wants to pay for all these Americans who choose to sit around loading up on junk food and ruining their health in the process so it costs billions of dollars to fix them? Who wants to pay for their smoking and other bad habits? Trim the fat from America first, then offer universal health care or you are going to have more people sitting around getting horrifically fat thinking a doctor can fix them with gastric bi passes

The US has no health care at all. Socialized or otherwise. The US has a medical industry, no different than potato fields, banking system or the so called automotive industry.

Obviously Canada has a model health care.
China ,!!
''Canada has a model health care.''

That's exactly what we need here. After all, we paid for Europe and Israel's health care and it's time for us to have the same coverage.
No universal health care in USA thanks to Ayn Rand but that was covered elsewhere...
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A guy on the radio (American) said "If you want health care reform get off the couch and move around"

Doesn't help when you get hit by a dump truck..... being fat and lazy or smoking isn't the only issue with people's health that needs to be addressed..... and getting up and walking doesn't solve all the possible problems people can face from day to day.

So here you are, with both your legs crushed, a broken collarbone and a fractured pelvis, bleeding on the side of the road from being hit by that dump truck...... I guess you should just get the hell up and walk around..... that'll fix your problems.

That guy on the radio is an idiot and can't see a situation beyond his nose.

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