According to Northkorean's remarks, It's difficult for them to have a meal because the rice produced in Northkorea is full with much stone & rice brans. Even Northkorea's soldiers can't bear up starvation. after all, they got in the worst situation to eat salts as snacks. Some of them are addicted to the salt and even worse persons are dead of heay addiction to it. Northkorea goverment now inspects their pocket everyday and deprives them of their snack salts but it was founded useless. saltholics those who were deprived their salts steal salted cabbages and radishes because of withdrawal symptoms. it is terrifying situation. As you all know, Northkorea has holded on to military first policy but this policy has been finally proved not to be beneficial to even it's army. if so, we can quite easily imagine how serious Norhtkorean's famine is. I think, It would be better for NK to give up the nuke developments and provocations and then, they have to concentrate on saving Northkoreans. I heard China agreed on it during the summit talks with U.S yesterday.


YouTube - Food Shortage Crisis in North Korea arirangtv