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Aren't you the one who started this hate fest thread, baiting and trolling liberal/democrats?

Of course............

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Hey man lighten up! Neonuts have feelings too you know.

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And keep on reaching for that rainbow in the sky you precious little child of sunshine..... someday, even you might get an assumption right one of these days. In the mean time, try not to fret about it.... just run along and play with your little republican-supporting friends and burn some crosses while wearing your mother's dirty and used bed sheets with eye holes cut out........ at least that's what we'll tell your mom those holes in the sheets were for, rather then just telling her the truth about them being there for easy access...... she doesn't need to know about all your dirty bedroom games you play.

You're the one with the hate....me...I'm just having fun as everyone but you can see...but keep pounding away