Journalists and Political Correctness

New buzz words........

YouTube - Illegal Immigrant vs Undocumented Immigrant War Over Words

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New buzz words........

YouTube - Illegal Immigrant vs Undocumented Immigrant War Over Words

Well, Brad says it the way it is, which is important in news reporting. "Undocumented immigrant" does not satisfactorily get the point across that they are illegal, also it's a huge problem in the U.S. so I'm with Brad on this one. Sugar coating has it's place, like maybe for a 90 year old on his/her death bed.
Nothing wrong with the words "Illegal Immigrants" to me. They are in the country illegally after all.
Nothing wrong with the term Illegal Immigrants, as Shadowshiv said they are in the country illegally.

Bill Maher & Dennis Miller on Free Speech vs Political Correctness (2002)

YouTube - Bill Maher amp Dennis Miller on Free Speech vs Political Correctness 2002

Well, we were able to get that settled pretty quickly.
Next topic.
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Next topic.

Progressives must be taking the night off...
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Progressives must be taking the night off...

Where's Yukon when you want to hear from him most?
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Problem is, many so-called progressives don't want any discussion of a topic like immigration.They want to completely define the topic and others who even bring it up get shot down.

There are many who think you cannot be in Canada illegally. The Singh case said all visitors/immigrants/tourists have the rights of citizens so how can anyone be illegal? This is legal and international naivity. Non-citizens have lesser rights, for one thing, they can be deported, I cannot. As a non-citizen of Egypt, the Egyptian gov't can forbid my entry. End of story, no appeal. International law is not criminal law or civil law. Wake up.

YouTube - Dennis Millers Real Assholishness

When I was an immigrant.....

Most people had no problem because I spoke English - learned to spell words the U.S. way and dropped some of my Canadian accent
only because I didn't notice it had disappeared nor did I try.

Whenever someone found out I was an immigrant - I was asked a few times (while working and going to school)...."are you legal?"

Had I not been legal although I refused to pack around all the documentation you are awarded.....I would have been more upset but again this was something new to me - curiosity about legal and illegal - I'd never given it a thought in Canada - but now I was suspected
of being "one of them".

When I married my American husband people stopped asking because for some reason they thought you "automatically became a citizen through marriage - not!" I stayed out of pure laziness and disinterest in politics until my husband died and one of his last
requests was that I gain my legal status - or duality. I promised I would and did - a year later - although it took several years to get sworn in - at least I had kept my promise.

Now I vote - have no idea where I belong when there only seems to be two major choices - and wonder how all these people can agree
on such a small number of people to satisfy their issues.....but I am learning....

I have to admit I resent the "illegal" terminology but regardless of the meaning of the word - unless one is documented - one is illegal if one is taking up a job a citizen should be allowed to have. That is my only gripe - otherwise, I think everyone should be allowed into the
nation to contribute and blend and come and go as they wish, unless they wish to work - that is a different story.

Immigration is contribution - not expectation of a free ride.
If only it were only journolists, but no, the Obama administration also have to Put in its two cents' worth Ridiculous? YES! Politically correct? HELL YES!:

Obama administration to end use of term 'war on terror' | World news | (external - login to view)
If immigration is a contribution, why not legalize it and get a green card to work. You may very well be right about it being a contribution, but it would nice to know how. Those who come and go as they please should at least have papers so the goverment can keep track of those comings and goings especially with the situation in the world today. I have no objection to anyone coming into the U.S., just follow the rules. Be legal.

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